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Truly enhance the atmosphere of your restaurant, bar or hospitality venue with Buzztime’s iconic offering of addictive and exciting games. Our selection of trivia, card games, and arcade games continues to define the digital gaming experience at restaurants and bars around the county. Customers utilizing the Buzztime platform stay longer and spend more than customers who don’t. For your bottom line, the choice is obvious – connect your patrons to thrilling bar and restaurant games to watch business boom and profits peak.

Buzztime’s non-stop entertainment and trivia creates a buzz in any bar, restaurant, or pub. Over 9 million registered players regularly return to their favorite Buzztime locations to keep up their scores and go head-to-head with their family and friends. With new game variations constantly in development, Buzztime’s platform provides more variety and more opportunities to reach customers than any other tabletop tablet system. Entice customers with live poker events to fill seats, even on slow weeknights.

Lure the millennial crowd and the younger demographics with our thrilling collection of single-player arcade-style games they can’t put down. Young customers can log into their account through the Buzztime tablet, providing instant access to their stats and their favorite games. When customers who are music fans or sports fanatics or pop culture enthusiasts or bookworms or literally the “smartest guy in the bar” are having a blast playing the various interactive games Buzztime offers they’re more likely to become repeat customers who purchase more per visit. Who wants to leave when they’re one round away from taking the title or getting the high score? Appeal to families, millennials, geeks, sportos and everyone looking for leaderboard glory with Buzztime.

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