Restaurant Tablets with Digital Menu and Payment

Buzztime’s tabletop restaurant tablets incorporate a seamless digital menu and payment experience that puts your customers in control and allows for faster table turn rates, simple and secure checkouts and payment, and most importantly, increased customer satisfaction.

Dynamic Menu in Tablet with Burgers Selected and Choices of burger styles

Dynamic menu transitions between complete breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner offerings automatically according to the time of day.
Backend ordering and payment options allow management to track best-selling items and buying trends, and simplifies targeting relevant promos to specific customers.

20 Original Wings selected on Tablet Menu

Easy to-use interface lets patrons customize their orders. From gluten-free alternatives to dressing on the side, a larger variety of options provide built-in, consistent upselling and enabled promos to the table.

Accurate orders, higher tips, loyal customers

Tablet with Food Items selected and option to send to kitchen

Group Cart functionality lets parties use more than one tablet to place a collective order.
“Send to Kitchen” button allows customers to pace out their meals


When customers are ready to check out, they can pay conveniently and securely with the Buzztime tablet. They can preset or customize the tip amount for a quick, hassle-free checkout process. Customers can verify their purchases before closing a tab, and swipe their credit cards through the tablet so they don’t have to wait when they’re ready to check out. The touch-screen signature enables manual payment confirmations, and paperless receipts provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional receipts.

Tablet Menu showing Dining Charge

Order review allows patrons to verify their final bill as soon as they're ready to pay, making for faster table turns.
Preset tip or custom tip options provide a hassle-free gratuity transaction for both patrons and staff members.

Credit Card Swipe Instructions on Tablet Screen

Credit card swipe relieves patrons of having to wait to pay their checks by processing cards through the tablet.
EMV-capable readers leave the card in their possession for extra security against mishandling and fraud.

A Digital Signature on a Tablet

Touch-screen signature puts a no-fuss, virtual pen at your patron's fingertips for manual payment confirmations.
Paperless receipts are emailed to those who opt-in for instant, ink-free, and environmentally friendly receipts.

Our Integrated POS Systems

Incorporate Your Brand

Incorporate your brand and increase your profits with a streamlined and more enjoyable experience for your customers. The self-service dining and payment functionality of the tablets is just another reason why it’s time to go with Buzztime.

Arooga's Restaurant Menu on Tablet

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