Top 10 Benefits of Buzztime for Your Bar or Restaurant

Buzztime Tablet with Game Options

Buzztime tablets are revolutionizing the way restaurants, bars, and other hospitality venues attract (and keep) an entirely untapped market of new customers through our interactive and addictive tabletop media platform. Here are the top ten reasons why Buzztime is benefitting thousands of bars and restaurants nationwide:

#10 “Because $5 more per check has a nice ring to it.”

Bring in Buzztime tablets and watch customers start playing their way to bigger checks. 62% spend more money on food and drinks* and check averages increase by $5 per player session.*

# 9  “30 million* Buzztime players and 3,000 venues can’t be wrong.”

One in 10 Americans have played Buzztime*, and millions have joined the player network. Now it’s your turn to join the 3,000 venues enjoying happier guests and healthier profits.

# 8  “You like seeing familiar faces…”

Regulars are a good thing. Especially when they’re spend-happy Buzztime players. 56% of Buzztime players visit more often.*

# 7  “…but you like new faces even more!”

Attract new business by enhancing the customer experience. It’s more than a night out. It’s game time. It’s play time. It’s Buzztime.

# 6  “Live trivia events are trending, but you’re NOT paying a trivia host $200/night…”

Drop the mic, walk away from overpriced trivia hosts. Instead, build loyalty by hosting your own events with Buzztime’s DIY trivia and poker tourney packages (no paper and pencils needed…just tablets).

We were excited to see that players were coming in all day to play Buzztime, which increased their food and drinks bills.

– Frank Pestarino, general manager of Rockin’ Crepes


# 5  “Positive word-of-mouth mentions and FREE advertising? Yes please!”

The only thing Buzztime players like more than gaming is talking about it: 74% recommend Buzztime locations to their friends.* For more free advertising, Buzztime turns your TVs into ad space for YOUR promos.!

# 4  “Crayons and paper? Today’s kids say: No thanks!”

Even toddlers are tech savvy. Give kids age-appropriate digital games to grab onto while mom and dad catch up and unwind. Parents will sing your praises.

# 3  “Crushing the competition just feels good.”

When you launch Buzztime’s full suite of interactive and solo gaming, the fans follow the fun and feel-good energy – leaving your competitors in the dust.

# 2  “A slow night? What’s that?”

Happy hour gets happier. Weeknights get stronger. Buzztime wires everyone for fun with endless gaming options perfect for couples, groups, sports fans, families, and more.

# 1  “And the number one reason…Buzztime is flat out FUN”

Your challenges are a pain; the solution doesn’t have to be. Buzztime has over 30 years of experience solving the biggest, baddest problems in the hospitality industry with fun and games. We dare you not to smile.

*Independent Arbitron Study, 2008. **Independent Egg Research study.

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