How Live Trivia is Helping Bars Maximize Sales

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Just about every bar & restaurant owner and general manager has at some point considered hosting a trivia night. Trivia is a natural companion to the bar/food service industry and, if done correctly, can provide a much-needed boost to your bottom line.

The question for the restaurants who haven’t given trivia a shot then becomes: “Why?” Why haven’t you pulled the trigger on a regular promotion that could help your business in a multitude of ways? In the hopes of assuaging some of your concerns, here are some great benefits of hosting trivia nights at your establishment:

Improve sales on slow nights.

This is almost always the primary impetus for trivia nights. Most bars and restaurants do fairly well on the weekends, but will tend to have difficulty attracting customers on certain weekdays.

Trivia nights are one of the best ways to pull in customers on a day of the week they otherwise don’t visit your establishment. Trivia night is the perfect way to get large groups of people to your bar or restaurant on a regular basis.

Go digital and advertise at the same time.

Buzztime provides digital games and live trivia, which are a digital version of classic pub trivia in a dynamic, pause-able format. Guests don’t need to bring anything – not even a pen and paper – as they play through your TVs and Playmakers. With Buzztime, you can also easily transform your TVs into digital signage to showcase and promote ads and specials.


Given that most of the infrastructure needed to host a trivia night – square footage, tables, chairs, food, drinks – are already at your disposal, a trivia night can be an inexpensive event. Staff members can even run the trivia events. It certainly doesn’t require the kind of capital associated with hiring a band or other live entertainment.

Attract new loyal customers.

If your trivia night begins to take off you’ll find the same group of patrons coming back every single week. This results in a brand new crop of regulars.

You now have a whole new core of customers who consider your bar or restaurant as part of their regular routine. Those kinds of customers are the ones more likely to pop in for a quick meal or drink when they’re in your area. And they are also far more likely to mention you to a friend looking for a place to go.

There are few risks associated with giving trivia night at least an initial trial run. Particularly when weighed against the potential upside, it is certainly worth taking a close look.

If you have questions about Buzztime’s Digital Games and Buzztime Live Trivia or would like to learn more, contact us here — we’re happy to help!


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