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Buzztime - Business Bar Trivia by Buzztime

Welcome to the Buzztime Museum

A glimpse of where Buzztime has been and where we are going.

The Wired Playmaker

This is the early version of the playmaker! Can you believe that these were used at actual NFL stadiums?

The First Wireless Playmaker

This playmaker might look a little more familiar but was also able to add overlays for fan favorites, QB1 and Diamond Ball.

The Icon, The Bluebox and Friends

Before the tablets, these “Blue Boxes” were the sign that your location had Buzztime. Check out the opaque yellow playmaker!

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The Buzztime Buzzer?

For a short-time Buzztime use to have electronic coasters to alert you when your table is ready!

The Fan Favorite, QB1

One of Buzztime’s most popular games in its history. Here is the controller that use to attach to the first playmakers. QB1 is due for a come back don’t you think?

What could have been

Throughout the history of Buzztime we went through various prototypes of the playmaker. Here is one that didn’t make the cut.

Check out the Future

Currently, we offer a variety of solutions for our partners but Buzztime is on the precipice of some big Buzztime upgrades!

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