February 26, 2014 How to Improve the Atmosphere at Your Bar

bar atmosphere

Food, drinks, and service are all important factors in your bar’s success, but there’s something else that’s a lot harder to pin down. What vibe do customers get from your bar? What feeling do they have when they spend an evening with you? This vibe or feeling—your atmosphere—is crucial when it comes to making your bar into a unique experience for your customers.

Atmosphere is important because while other bars can serve the same food you do, it’s a lot harder to have the same atmosphere. That’s something only you can create! But how? Here are a few things to concentrate on if you want to improve the atmosphere at your bar.


The type of lighting you want depends on your bar, but too-bright lighting is almost always a mistake. Try keeping your lighting low and soft by using table lamps or candles.


Have you ever been in a bar or restaurant that’s totally silent? It usually makes people feel uncomfortable. Be sure to play some sort of music, but don’t make it so loud that your customers can’t even have a conversation. Be sure your music matches the mood of your bar. Are you more about fast-paced, beat-driven music or something more low-key and casual? Your music choice will go a long way towards creating your atmosphere!

Live Trivia.

Giving your customers something to do besides drink can create a fun and lively atmosphere. With the Buzztime’s tabletop tablets, you can offer live trivia, card games, or arcade games that will keep your customers happy and entertained.


White walls? Boring. The colors you choose—for paint, for tablecloths, for furniture, and for everything else—can have a big impact on your atmosphere. Pick something that matches the mood you want to create. And remember, warm colors have been shown to increase appetite!

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The design of your menus, your table toppers, and everything else in your bar all contribute toward your atmosphere. If your menus have a nondescript font and layout, you’re not creating any atmosphere at all.


The way your servers, hosts, and even kitchen staff dress can make a big difference in your atmosphere. Employees should always dress neatly, and their clothing should fit your brand. Employees in t-shirts and jeans will create a much different atmosphere than employees in dress shirts and ties.


Simply put, it’s hard to create a great atmosphere if your bar is dirty or disorganized. A sticky bar, glasses with lipstick stains, and dirty plates create an atmosphere, all right—but it’s a gross one that your customers won’t be too eager to return to. And a cluttered bar area doesn’t help, either. It’s important to make cleanliness and organization a top priority, even if your bar is super casual.

If you want to improve your bar, think about your atmosphere! By focusing on these ideas, you can create an awesome atmosphere that will have your customers coming back for more!