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The Only Beverage and Food Cost Formula
You Need

Food and beverage costs can be your BFFs or you biggest enemies. It’s all in how you calculate ...
restaurant promotion ideas

50 Buzzworthy Bar and Restaurant Promotion Ideas to Improve Slow Nights

Great bar and restaurant promotion ideas get people talking – and get guests in the door. These 50 ...
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How to Run an Environmentally Friendly Restaurant (11 Ways to Go Green)

To see more green...go green! Want to make your restaurant more sustainable? Read on for 11 easy tips to get started - your bottom line and your customers will thank you.
restaurant sustainability

Free Restaurant and Bar Menu Templates Backed by 10 Design Secrets

Taking a few simple steps to plan, organize, and design your menu can make a world of difference to your restaurant’s success. Here are some design ideas and free templates that can help you take your menu to the next level.
restaurant menu design

Bartending Tricks to Impress Guests (5 Top Tricks)

“Flair bartenders” are known for juggling, setting things on fire, and even doing magic tricks. While these sorts of tricks can definitely be awesome, they aren’t the only things bartenders can do to wow customers.
bartending tricks

12 Best Tips for Reducing
Restaurant Electricity Bills

Wonder how much your restaurant spends on electricity? Prepare for sticker…shock. If you’re in the dark about reducing restaurant electricity bill costs, try these 12 enlightening tips.
reducing restaurant electricity bill

How to Reward Restaurant Staff:
13 Creative Ideas

With the right rewards system, you can make your employees feel valued and essential, which will make them want to keep working for you. Read on to learn a few creative ways to reward your employees for outstanding service.
reward restaurant staff

How to Buy Local Ingredients for Your Restaurant (11 Best Sources)

From cost savings to competitive advantages, restaurants are enjoying bottom line benefits – just for going local. This is one bandwagon worth jumping on…ASAP.
local ingredients

How to Increase Beverage Sales at Your Bar in 7 Days

If your guests are getting by with ordering “just water” every time they come in, you’re missing out on some valuable sales. Read on to learn a few tips to increase your bar’s beverage sales.
beverage sales

The Ultimate Restaurant Salary Guide (Average Pay for 11 Positions)

Hiring new employees? Check out our comprehensive guide of restaurant salaries for front-of-house and back-of-house positions. From bartenders to line cooks, we've got you covered.
restaurant salaries

Upselling Tips from A to Z: 26 Phrases Servers Say for Bigger Sales

There's a key to bigger bar and restaurant sales: upselling. Here are 26 upselling tips and phrases servers can use to increase your customers' check size.
upselling tips

Best Practices for Inventory Management for Bars & Restaurants

Take control of your inventory management with these best practices for bars and restaurants. From operational techniques to new technology, we've got you covered.
inventory management