How to Make Sure Your Restaurant Has That “It” Factor

Any restaurateur knows how cutthroat competition in the restaurant industry is. You can’t simply choose a great location, serve delicious entrees, and expect success in an instant. Even when your [...]


How Often Should You Update Your Menu?

So you’ve perfected your restaurant concept, attracted a fair amount of foot traffic, and managed to stay afloat for several months. Congratulations! Getting comfortable, however, is the first [...]


How to Test New Promotions

So you’ve come up with a great idea for a themed night at your bar, or a new special you can run during happy hour to attract a new demographic. As exciting as it may be, don’t rush to implement [...]


4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your First Restaurant

When you open your first restaurant or invest in your first bar, the excitement and pride you feel may overwhelm other emotions like caution and pragmatic doubt. When you lack firsthand [...]


How to Write Your Bar’s Business Plan

Opening a successful bar may be your lifelong dream, but you can’t expect to be financially viable just because you have some craft beer on tap and a themed décor. Writing a business plan for [...]


6 Things You Should Cut From Your Balance Sheet

When you’re running a restaurant or bar, you’re well aware of how much difference a dollar can make. Over time, costs that initially seem small can really cut into your profits substantially. The [...]


How to Improve Your Restaurant’s Yelp Rating

Yelp. Depending on your level of mastery, the mere mention of the crowd-sourced review website may send shivers down your spine. A negative Yelp review can haunt your restaurant for years to [...]


How to Get Customers to Give You More Feedback

You’ve perfected your monthly budget, renovated your restaurant, and streamlined your menu for success. So why isn’t business booming every night? Whenever you’re looking to grow your consumer [...]


How to Get the Word Out About Your Trivia Night

After dealing with slow weekend nights for months, you’ve decided to attract more customers by hosting a live trivia night at your restaurant. Great idea! However, without proper promotion and [...]


Popular Types of Trivia That Attract Customers

When you decide to incorporate trivia into your restaurant or bar entertainment, knowing your core demographic is paramount for implementing fun and enticing trivia games that actual convert [...]

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