How to Make Your Bar a Fixture of Your Community

As a bar owner, did you ever watch an episode of Cheers and turn green with envy? Sure, their “regulars” totaled between five and ten kooky characters, but at least they had regulars! Unless [...]


The Relationship Between Customer Visit Duration and Money Spent

Many restaurants focus on raising their table turnover rate to get as many customers in and out as possible. At some types of restaurants, like fast food restaurants or fine dining [...]


How Customers Want to Use Tech at Your Restaurant

Many restaurant managers and owners who stay informed about the trends that shape the industry are probably tired of hearing about the ever-growing presence of tech in modern restaurants. For [...]


3 Ways to Make Sure Your Restaurant’s Business Model Is Sustainable

The restaurant business is exceedingly risky. A multitude of factors can cause your profits to nosedive even if you’re serving quality food at a competitive price. Success in the restaurant [...]


Calendar Events That Lead to Big Bar Profits

There are more than 100 official holidays that will be observed in the United States in 2017 that can provide fantastic opportunities for your bar. These don’t include unofficial but popular [...]


Popular Bar Concepts in 2017

We know there are plenty of articles attempting to map out the top bar trends for the upcoming year and what you should incorporate into your drink menu. However, drinks can be swapped out in a [...]


How to Make Sure Your Restaurant Has That “It” Factor

Any restaurateur knows how cutthroat competition in the restaurant industry is. You can’t simply choose a great location, serve delicious entrees, and expect success in an instant. Even when your [...]


How Often Should You Update Your Menu?

So you’ve perfected your restaurant concept, attracted a fair amount of foot traffic, and managed to stay afloat for several months. Congratulations! Getting comfortable, however, is the first [...]


How to Test New Promotions

So you’ve come up with a great idea for a themed night at your bar, or a new special you can run during happy hour to attract a new demographic. As exciting as it may be, don’t rush to implement [...]


4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your First Restaurant

When you open your first restaurant or invest in your first bar, the excitement and pride you feel may overwhelm other emotions like caution and pragmatic doubt. When you lack firsthand [...]

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