Effective Ways to Shorten Customer Wait Time

Running an effective and profitable bar or restaurant hinges upon providing a satisfying customer experience. Your customers should always leave anticipating their next visit. If your food, [...]


Creating Customers’ “Other Family” at Your Bar or Restaurant

When a restaurant or bar manager watches “Cheers,” they see something they would certainly love to emulate – a strong sense of community and “family.” Most of the characters on the show return to [...]


7 Ways to Improve Slow Business at Your Bar or Restaurant

In order to effectively increase bar, restaurant, or hospitality venue sales you must always innovate and introduce new pulls and promotions to attract new customers. Even if you’re booming on [...]


Creating an Atmosphere That Facilitates Bar Trivia

As Buzztime followers are well aware, we think there are few draws for your restaurant more consistent and more exciting than bar trivia. Tabletop tablet-based trivia, like Buzztime’s traditional [...]


Keeping Profits Up Around Christmas

The holidays are frustrating times to be a restaurant or bar owner. Business can be widely uneven as everyone shuffles around and flies to different cities to be with their families. You can’t [...]


Holiday Bar Promotions That Work

The holidays have arrived, and as snow falls and holiday merchandising cranks into overdrive, you should take advantage of the season. When executed deftly a holiday promotion is a terrific way [...]


The Evolution of The American Bar

In recent years, bars have evolved from solely a place to drink and socialize, to an environment that now is recognized for its artistic interior design, subcultural themes, digital dining, fine [...]


The Restaurant of the Future

Ever since the advent of Pac-Man and the arcade boom of the 80s, gaming in the public sphere has gone from niche to widespread consumption and appeal. Gaming has long been integrated into several [...]


The History of Interactive Sports Games

Tapping into a cultural celebration of competition and community requires a knowledge of history. Perhaps nothing unites strangers and friends alike more than the allure of sports. Since ancient [...]


How Football Can Boost Your Bar’s Bottom Line

For owners of a sports bar with a lively demographic and communal feel, one of the most profitable seasons is getting underway – football season. If you play your cards right and implement [...]

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