Great Ideas for Your Pub Events and Promotions!

Attracting customers and increasing profits in bars and pubs starts and ends with changing things up. Without hosting various events and running unique and interesting bar promotions attracting [...]


How Pub Trivia Could Work For Your Bar

Obviously, a Buzztime blog like this would want to tout the advantages of incorporating pub trivia into any restaurant or bar location. But the reason we’re sold on the idea is simple: it really [...]


How to Cater to Food Allergies

In the last 20 years, food allergies and sensitivities in the United States have increased by 50%. That’s a staggering figure, and is simply something you can’t afford to ignore if you want to [...]


Engaging Customers in the Smart Phone Era

The sign of a well-run business is one that aggressively and seamlessly keeps up with the times. For bars and restaurants, many owners assume that engaging restaurant customers comes down to [...]


How to Properly Run Pub Quiz Night

Pub quizzes are a gold mine for slower weeknights that otherwise wouldn’t drive high revenues. If you properly institute a recurring pub quiz into your bar’s routine, every night can feel like a [...]


Rules to Live By for Rookie Bar Managers

Everyone has to start somewhere – even Papa John began his career with little experience. Just because you’re a rookie bar manager doesn’t mean you have to be a bad one. And in fact, you can’t [...]


Performance Indicators Every Bar Owner Should Watch

It’s fun to focus on your bar’s theme, or drink menu, or décor, or atmosphere, but at the end of the day a great bar manager has to be concerned with dollars and cents. Running a tight ship isn’t [...]


Bar Ideas To Keep Up With The Latest Cocktail Trends

Running a successful bar and pub entails regular innovations in retail, marketing, and upkeep, but don’t overlook the very reason someone would go to a bar or pub in the first place: the alcohol. [...]


Restaurant: Profitability: Easy Tips To A Better Bottom Line

No matter how well your bar or restaurant is doing, you can always do better. Trimming costs and increasing revenue are two ways to make your business more profitable—of course, if those actions [...]


5 Tips on How to Successfully Cater a Large Party

The holiday season is fast approaching and your establishment has decided to expand its business options to host parties for large groups. You’ve never done this before so where do you start? [...]

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