Facebook Partners with Constant Contact to Include Restaurant Menus on Pages

Last month, Facebook and Constant Contact announced that restaurants can now upload menus through SinglePlatform from Constant Contact to Facebook pages. SinglePlatform helps businesses showcase [...]


Why Managing Customer Complaints Before They Leave Your Restaurant is a Must

Even if your restaurant is successful, chances are you’ll have an unhappy customer every once in awhile. Maybe someone didn’t get what s/he ordered, wasn’t happy with his/her service, or had to [...]


Restaurant Management: How to Balance Your Time

Restaurant managers are pulled in so many different directions – front of the house, back of the house, customer needs, staff needs, inventory, P&Ls, food quality, service quality, etc… The [...]


Millennial Dining Trends You Need to Know

Does your restaurant appeal to Millennials? The generation that includes people in their late teens to their early 30s is one of the most sought-after demographics for almost every type of [...]


How to Protect Your Restaurant’s Online Brand

Have you checked out what customers are saying about your restaurant online? There are probably plenty of good comments from people who loved your food and were happy with their service. But what [...]


4 Tried and True Ways to Increase Repeat Customers for your Bar or Restaurant

In the bar and restaurant industry, what’s more valuable than new customers is the ability to turn them into long-term, repeat patrons. According to a statistic in a Food Service Warehouse [...]


8 Ways to Get More Bar Business

Whether your bar business is thriving or just getting by, there’s one thing every bar business has in common, the constant need for more customers. If you are looking for new ways to bring more [...]


5 Popular Craft Beers for Your Summer Drink List

Craft beer is one of the most exciting and thirst-quenching beverages that people love to enjoy in the summer. Here are five popular craft beers that you won’t want to leave off your menu. Easy [...]


3 Mind Blowing Facts about Millennials and Your Restaurant

With the millennial generation, a mighty population of 87 million strong (anyone born between 1977 and 1992), smart restaurant businesses are paying attention to what they want and how to appeal [...]


6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Restaurant Costs this Summer

Restaurant margins are notoriously slim, making it essential for restaurants to constantly devise new ways to keep their costs under control. In summertime, particularly, restaurants face several [...]

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