Go Green! 10 Tips to Help Your Restaurant Become More Eco-Friendly

Do you ever stop to think about how much electricity, water, and paper your restaurant uses? Yikes. Your restaurant could probably be a little more eco-friendly, right? The great thing about [...]


41 September Marketing Opportunities to Bring More Customers into Your Restaurant

With September just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your fall marketing strategy. Luckily, the month of September is packed with many national holidays and events (from the [...]


Creative Ways to Encourage Designated Drivers at Your Bar

Designated drivers are worth their weight in gold. They keep everyone on the roads safe while letting their friends have a great time. Of course, this means the designated driver has to sacrifice [...]


How to Promote Your Bar or Restaurant Using Customer Testimonials

You have lots of happy customers who love your food, your drinks, and everything about your bar or restaurant. That’s great! But how can you use those happy customers to bring even more happy [...]


How to Quickly Deal With Customer Complaints in Your Restaurant

Unresolved customer complaints can have a devastating impact on restaurants, making it essential to address customer complaints quickly. A study by the Technical Assistance Research Programs [...]


7 Cool Bar Game Ideas To Attract Repeat Customers

Looking for some inspiration and ideas to liven up your bar? Need a few more items of interest that will generate fun groups of people and lots of laughter that will characterize a great scene? [...]


Does a No-Reservation Policy Help or Hinder Restaurants?

One dilemma restaurant businesses face is whether or not to take reservations. Determining whether or not a no-reserve policy is good or bad for your restaurant business really depends on a [...]


Fast Food, Fast Casual, Polished Casual and the New Confusion of Dining Categories

With the growing number of fast food chains, restaurants and other dining options available today, it is getting quite difficult to tell each of them apart. The lines in the food and beverage [...]


6 Tips to Increase Pickup Orders at Your Restaurant

Your customers are busy people. If they’re going to order a meal from you, they need it to be as convenient and quick as possible. So how can you increase your pick up orders by taking advantage [...]


4 Factors that Attract Millennials to a Restaurant

Millennials, those ages 19 to 34, are buying fewer cars, houses, electronics, and credit cards. Why is this? Being the group hit the hardest by the economy, they have less money than their [...]

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