7 Ways to Make Cause Marketing a WIN-WIN for your Bar or Restaurant

Beyond the obvious altruistic reasons to give back to worthy charitable causes, cause marketing programs can also be good for your bottom-line. Here are seven tips to make philanthropic [...]


The Quick Guide to Food and Wine Pairings

Just about everyone loves a nice glass of wine to complement their meal, right? With so many bars or restaurants now offering food and wine pairing menus, this certainly seems to be the case. But [...]


3 Ways to Attract Customers this Memorial Day Weekend

Monday is Memorial Day and going out to eat is on the list of things that people want to do to celebrate. They will try to get away with not cooking if they can, so this is a great opportunity [...]


How Bars and Restaurants Can Monetize Through Yelp

There is no goal more important in the current financial climate than for every business to increase its turnover and to attract new customers. Every sector of the economy is feeling the burden [...]


5 Ways to Show Appreciation on National Waiters and Waitress Day

Today, May 21st is National Waiters and Waitress Day. Lets be honest, it’s not always easy being a server. They work hard to represent their restaurant and keep customers happy. A positive dining [...]


8 Steps to Successful Promotion for Restaurants

If you build it, they will come. Don’t jump to conclusions! Good service and food are essential, but a sound promotional plan should be the base on which to establish your restaurant. If your [...]


How to Create a Winning Signature Cocktail, Shaken or Stirred

Creating a unique signature cocktail that sells takes the right mix of creativity, ingredients and craftsmanship. Mixologists are continually striving to put a new spin on popular cocktails that [...]


12 Ways to Reinvent Your Restaurant

Sometimes it is best to stick to what you know. Why change what’s worked for you for so long? However, sometimes making some changes can be beneficial for business and increase profits. Here are [...]


Step into Spring With These 5 Fresh Menu Items

Spring is a time for growth and renewal. Does your bar or restaurant reflect that? If not, consider creating a menu just for this time of year as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer. [...]


Why Stellar Server Interaction is Great for Business

Everyone has dealt with bad servers before. Whether they’re rude, inattentive, or forgetful, a bad server can be enough to turn you off of a restaurant forever. Of course, you want your servers [...]

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