60 Free Cocktail Menu Templates For Your Bar

Cocktails are a huge money maker in the bar and restaurant industry. By mixing low cost alcohol with ingredients already stocked in your bar, you can create concoctions that will bring in a [...]


5 Tips for Running a Successful Bar Promotion

There is no definitive “how to” guide when it comes to bar promotions. However, there are many considerations to take into account to ensure an event runs smoothly. The following five tips are [...]


Save Money by Avoiding These 7 Bar Costs

In the hospitality industry, every dollar counts. If your profit margins are less than you think they should be, there are small steps you can take to become more financially efficient. Are you [...]


6 Things to Do During a Slow Bar Shift

If every shift is busy, chaotic and clad in sales – stay where you’re at for as long as you can and bask in the glory. If you’re like the rest of us, you will encounter slow shifts at the bar [...]


The Secrets to Hiring a New Bar/Restaurant Manager

Along with factors related to location, concept and marketing, one of the keys to determining a restaurant or bar’s success is the quality of its staff. How well a kitchen and dining room [...]


Boost Your Restaurant’s Lunch Business with These Tips

While their dinner and weekend business may be doing great, many restaurant owners and managers face the same challenge of keeping the restaurant consistently full during lunch hours, especially [...]


Unique April Holidays to Boost Sales

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, but when all of the hoopla ceases, what can you promote to cascade the excitement throughout the spring? Believe it or not, April has a plethora of [...]


How to Prepare Your Bar for a Busy Night

Certain holidays and special events drive extra business for the restaurant industry. The night before Thanksgiving, for example, increases bar business in some parts of Michigan by as much as 50 [...]


6 Simple Steps to Handle Dissatisfied Customers

Disgruntled customers are inevitable, regardless of your every effort to create an enjoyable dining experience.  The potential of mismatched visions of required service and quality between [...]


10 Crazy and Unique Restaurant & Bar Themes

Every good restaurant has a hook that brings people in and keeps them coming back. For some, it’s exotic food. For others, it’s a unique variety of cocktails. These ten restaurants [...]

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