Should Staff Be Allowed to Void Items without Manager Approval?

We posed a question on our Facebook Page yesterday asking whether those in the industry think staff members should be allowed to remove a bill item without authorization from management. The [...]


Marketing Ideas For A Bar Launch: Start Early

There are few things as stressful and time consuming as opening a new restaurant or bar. You are essentially balancing the pressure of moving with what is a major change in your business. Free [...]


Establishing the Best Social Media Voice for Your Bar

So you’ve finally become familiar with the world of social media. You’re monitoring Foursquare check-ins, interacting with Facebook fans and cell phone-tweeting with speed and accuracy that would [...]


5 Ways Social Media Can Improve Customer Service

As Facebook and Twitter begin to play a bigger part in the customer experience, it’s important to understand how these mediums can affect your business. Gone are the days when customer comments [...]


20 Things Your Service Staff Should NEVER Do

Owners and managers are sometimes blinkered as to the actual experiences being had by their customers as they delegate more and do the “top level” thinking. With this in mind, now is a good time [...]


10 Ingenious Ways to Advertise Your Social Media Channels Offline

Once you’ve done all of the hard work of getting your social media ducks in a row, the obvious problem is letting people know how to find you online. The “conversation” that is social media [...]


Foursquare for Bars & Restaurants: What’s new?

Many of you will know that Foursquare is a social media platform we highly recommend to bars and restaurants. There are incredibly useful features of the location-based service that will assist [...]

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