The 5 Best Benefits of Gardening for Seniors Plus Bonus Safety Tips

A little dirt won’t hurt. In fact, it can promote health and wellness – especially for seniors. That’s why gardening programs are sprouting up at senior living communities nationwide. Here are [...]


18 Scary Good Halloween Cocktails for Your Bar

Break out the spirits. Get ready to scare up big crowds. With these 18 Halloween cocktails, you’ll be the most talked-about local haunt. Prep your drink menu now so you can carve out some of the [...]


How to Design the Best Restaurant Loyalty Program

Guest loyalty. There’s an app for that! That’s why restaurants are ditching punch cards and plastic loyalty cards in favor of mobile loyalty apps. See the 4 reasons to launch one now and learn [...]


Benefits of Offering Free Wi-Fi and How to Do It Right

America has officially gone mobile: 77 percent of adults in the United States own a smartphone according to a 2017 Pew Research study. One of the best ways to attract the smartphone-carrying [...]


Tips to Build the Best Senior Fitness Programs

It’s a classic Catch 22. As we age, physical activity can become more difficult. Yet, that’s when we need it most! The best senior fitness programs are built around modifying exercises to make [...]


Sound Advice: 8 Bar and Restaurant Background Music Tips to Boost Sales

Think restaurant background music is no big deal? It’s time to change your tune. Recent studies show that the right music can boost food and drink sales from 15.6 to 40 percent. We share 8 [...]


Restaurant Uniform Ideas and 5 Reasons They’re a Must

We’re a casual restaurant, who needs uniforms? According to science, you do! Your servers are being judged on their appearance, which reflects your business. Uniforms can even increase staff [...]


The 10 Best Snapchat Restaurant Marketing Tips

Do you want more millennials in your bar or restaurant? If the answer is yes, Snapchat is a must. Over 60 percent of Americans ages 13-34 use this popular instant picture messaging app, and 40 [...]


17 Best Fall Cocktail Recipes

America has “all the feels” for fall. You could look to the nationwide obsession with pumpkin spice lattes and leaf peeping, or the recent survey that shows autumn’s ranking as America’s favorite [...]


Team Building for Restaurant Employees: 9 Ideas That Work

There’s no “I” in team – or restaurant, for that matter. The goal of team building for restaurant employees is to strengthen bonds between staff members. With team building, everyone is more [...]

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