Buzztime’s Live Events – Turn Slow Nights into Go Nights

Liven up the atmosphere

Do you want your Tuesday and Wednesday nights to keep being the slow drag they are, week in and week out? Of course you don’t. Say goodbye to slow weeknights with Buzztime’s live bar events. Turn that tricky Tuesday in an action-packed epic games night, and draw younger crowds than you’ve ever seen in your bar. Live events on our trivia platform can revitalize your establishment and hook customers into coming back again and again.

Good-spirited competition leads to a lively atmosphere, so the booze keeps flowing and the burger orders keep coming – 62% of Buzztime Players spend more money on food and drinks*. Drawing a crowd at your bar or restaurant every week, with young customers that spread the word and do your marketing for you? Restaurant event ideas don’t get any bolder or simpler than this.

Buzztime has you covered on variety, so you never have to worry about your events losing their flare. Shake it up with Hold ‘Em LIVE, where your TVs transform into poker tables and the players see every intense hand on their Playmaker tablets. If you’re searching for bar event ideas to entice younger crowds, take a whirl at organizing our rip-roaring survey-based trivia game, OpinioNation LIVE. Or keep it classic and draw in the trivia die-hards to beginning fun-seekers with our tried-and-true Trivia LIVE, which comes with a wide array of topics, styles, and flavors.

Hold'em Live®

Turn your TVs into poker tables while players use the tablets to hold’em or fold’em

Trivia Live

Teams compete in categories like pop culture and sports where the know-it-alls show it all

Make ordinary nights extraordinary with in-venue LIVE events and entertainment.
With our BEOND platform, teams can play on-demand scheduled
events on our Playmaker® Tablets or their smartphones.
Guests can play along or follow the action on your TV screens.

Buzztime works for you

When you invest in Buzztime, you invest in an event infrastructure tailored to make your business a glowing success. Don’t think that all the hard work is left up to you – with over 9 million PlayersPlus members, the Buzztime network comes preloaded with a guaranteed loyal customer base and calendar.

We have national, regional, and local live events scheduled, so if you’re fresh out of bar event ideas stop stressing. Set up a Buzztime event to see those profits soar, your bar’s energy spark, and your patrons return night after night.

Customers can even download our intuitive Playmaker app on their smartphone if they prefer not to use the Playmaker Tablet, or if your events are so successful that you run out of tablets. No fear, on their smartphones customers can still compete and play along, following the action on your TVS, their tablets, or their smart phones. We’ve revolutionized problem-solving through fun, so your bar events are set up for success. Just don’t blame us when trivia night is such a hit that you’ll wish every night were Tuesday night.

Create an authentic and exciting experience with Buzztime Live Events

*Independent Arbitron Study, 2008

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