Bar & Restaurant Marketing Functionality

Built-in Marketing

Buzztime BEOND’s built in Marketing program creates
a new leveraged advancement for your brand

Buzztime’s fully integrated digital platform is the perfect tool for built-in marketing for your location. Utilize a powerful entertainment and messaging system that raises brand visibility and seamlessly incorporates your current promotions with Buzztime’s tablet-based platform.

With Buzztime digital signage, every television in your bar or restaurant transforms into a powerful advertising tool. Create prominent ads that run in the Buzztime Game Zone that rotate throughout the day promoting your events and promotions. Highlight high-profit menu items in the side bar My Zone area, which run all day long to increase customer knowledge of your menu while saving crucial time for waiters and waitresses. 62% of Buzztime Players spend more money on food and drinks*. Promote your loyalty programs and special events without the need to purchase third-party ad space or clutter up the table space in your restaurant.

When players register with Buzztime via the tabletop tablet or the Buzztime website at, the platform starts working for you as a valuable marketing tool. Co-branded emails can be sent on your behalf to your current and potential customers with your most relevant promotions and details of live events at your location based on their gameplay and indicated Buzztime preferences. This enables you to build effective promotions and email blasts targeted to reach customers more likely to engage with your brand.

Drive revenue by giving existing customers more reasons to visit with completely built-in digital marketing. Raise awareness of your signature dishes, target customers for forthcoming promotions, and promote your upcoming events with Buzztime. Increase sales by an average of $5 per session of play.*

*Independent Arbitron Study, 2008

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