Restaurant Management: Management vs. Leadership

You might think that management and leadership are the same thing, but they’re actually very different! You don’t have to be a manager in order to be a leader, and some managers don’t know how to [...]


The Importance of Employee Uniforms

When it comes to first impressions, appearances make a big difference. This is extra true in the restaurant world! Many restaurants know that uniforms can have a big impact on customers. Proper [...]


20 Upselling Tactics that Work

No matter how great business is at your bar or restaurant, chances are you’d like to make more money. One of the easiest ways to do this is upselling, or convincing customers to upgrade their [...]


How to Offer Quality Customer Service for Bar Guests

Being a bartender can be a tough job! Not only do you need to provide top-notch drinks, but you also have to serve up quality customer service. How can you be sure to provide the type of service [...]


The Ultimate Restaurant Marketing ToolKit

There are about a million ways you can use the Internet to market your restaurant. However, all those options can give you a marketing overload! How can you handle it all and still have time to [...]


Food Cost Control and What You Need to Know

If you want to control your food cost, first you need to know what food cost is. It’s described as “the percentage of total restaurant sales spent on food product.” Successful restaurants try to [...]


Best Practices on How to Manage Multiple Generations at Your Restaurant

Managing a bar or restaurant full of employees can be tough. With such a big mix of personalities and work styles, there’s bound to be some tension. But things can become even more heightened [...]


Technology in Restaurants, an Overview

Today’s customers are used to technology being involved in every aspect of their lives, and that increasingly involves their restaurant experience. Whether you involve smart phones, tablets, [...]


Tips for Hosting a Successful Live Event

Does your bar or restaurant host live events? It may seem like a lot of hassle, but live events can be a great way to get customers to walk through your doors. Instead of waiting around for them [...]


How to Create Repeat Business at Your Bar

What’s even more important than getting new customers into your bar or restaurant? Turning those new customers into repeat customers! Repeat customers make up about 15% of your customer base, but [...]

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