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Buzztime - Business Bar Trivia by Buzztime

Are you hungry for more trivia? Is one night of bar trivia per week not enough to satiate your senses? Buzztime has tens of thousands of questions in its database. Pub trivia hosts and players could spend a lifetime with them! However, as the years pass, some of the questions become outdated and obscure. Events that are important one year become irrelevant many years later.

Here’s a challenge: let’s go into the Musty Dusty Trivia Bin and break out some moldy oldies to test the trivia prowess of even the greatest bar trivia and pub trivia players. Quench your thirst for a new trivia challenge by trying to answer these ten tough questions. The answers are at the bottom of this blog. Resist the temptation to peek!

Let’s start with five challenging multiple-choice questions:

1 – Which advertising icon debuted in 1974?

A. Maytag Repairman B. Marlboro Man C. Brawny Lumberjack D. Quaker Oats Man E. Tony the Tiger

2 – Chester Greenwood was 15 years old when he invented this seasonal aid in 1858:

A. Electric Fan B. Snowshoes C. Batmobile D. S.S. Minnow E. Starship Enterprise

3 – Which word was introduced in 1846 by English scholar William Thoms?

A. Tomfoolery B. Armageddon C. Sonnet D. Blitzkrieg E. Folklore

4 – What did U.S. biochemist Edward Doisy discover in 1939?

A. Curium B. Quarks C. Nitroglycerin D. Vitamin K E. Chlorophyll

5 – In 1950, what became the first commercial product to make the cover of “Time” magazine?

A. Coca-Cola B. Zippo Lighter C. RCA television D. Levi’s Jeans E. Marlboro

How did you do? Things will now get a bit tougher. Most bar trivia and pub trivia games don’t give you multiple choices. Trivia players need to figure out the answer on their own. Here are five outdated questions guaranteed to activate your brain cells:

6 – In what decade did Antonio Vivaldi compose “The Four Seasons”?

7 – Ron Chernow wrote a 2004 biography about this person who died in 1804:

8 – “Il Furioso” was the nickname given to this painter born in 1518:

9 – The 360 Modena was a sportscar made by this automaker based in Italy:

10 – The ____ Club was a legendary Manhattan hotspot that opened in 1934.

Answers: 1-D 2-A 3-E 4-D 5-A 6-1720s 7-Alexander Hamilton 8-Tintoretto 9-Ferrari


How did you do?

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