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Meet the Buzztime Trivia app, our all-in-one trivia app where you can play games on the go or in your favorite Buzztime location. Buzztime Trivia is the new mobile playmaker for in-venue gameplay and the new home of the former Buzztime Entertainment app, all the same functionality in a new and updated look.

Even though Buzztime Trivia is where you will play in your favorite venue, you are still able to play your quick games of trivia on the go.


Play at a Buzztime Location

> All the Exclusive Buzztime trivia network games that you know and love.

> Utilize the mobile playmaker function to play at Buzztime locations.

> Claim your spot at the top of local and network leaderboards so you can brag about it to your bar buddies.
> Earn Players+ points, compete for prizes and more!

Play Anywhere
> Play two games on the go with Countdown GO and Buzztime Dash.

> Two games to play on the go and does not require you to play in a Buzztime location.

> See how your trivia skills stack up on the daily leaderboards for Countdown GO and Buzztime Dash!
> Play daily outside of Buzztime locations and defend your ranking.

Buzztime Trivia App FAQs

1. What games can I play using Buzztime Trivia?

You can join many of our most popular games: Countdown, Lunchtime Trivia, The Late Shift, Movie Night, Pop Culture, and many more. Check out the lineup here:

2. Where can I play using Buzztime Trivia?

Use your own mobile devices to compete in trivia at ANY Buzztime location!

3. Will the app work on both Apple iOS and Android devices?

Yes, the app is available as a free download on both Apple and Android mobile devices. You’ll need Android 8 and higher, or Apple iOS 13 and higher.

4. If I download Buzztime Trivia, should I delete the Buzztime Entertainment app?

Yes! Buzztime Trivia is taking over the functionality of the Buzztime Entertainment app and will be able to play trivia at any Buzztime location and play along with the Spectator TVs for your spot on the leaderboards! You can still get your trivia fix on the GO and play bite-sized games to hone your trivia skills.

5. Why can I no longer play on the Buzztime Entertainment app?

Moving the Buzztime Entertainment app into the Buzztime Trivia app allows for us to better update the application for new versions of Android and iOS as well as help monitor legitimate Buzztime players. The Buzztime Entertainment app will be deprecated and removed from the app store so you can safely delete the Buzztime Entertainment app from your phone once you have downloaded Buzztime Trivia

6. Do I have to register to play on the app?

Registration is required to use the app. It’s a quick and easy process! If you are already a registered player with Buzztime, you do not need to register again.

7. What games are not available?

Tablet arcade games, Ask It Already, Showdown, Speed Freaks, Spotlight, Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘em, Jackpot Trivia, and Live trivia.

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