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Frequently answered questions

What is Buzztime™?

Since 1984, Buzztime has been bringing the best in interactive entertainment to bars and restaurants across US and Canada. Whether you’re out to show off your trivia prowess, sports savvy, want to play a few hands of poker, or just want to sit down and play an arcade game, pull up a gaming device and see what the buzz is all about. Choose from our many different trivia, card, arcade and sports games for fun every time you’re out… we’re in thousands of locations so get out there and have some fun!

What kind of games does Buzztime deliver?

Buzztime offers many different kinds of games where players compete for prizes and recognition against others in the same establishment and across North America. Buzztime’s game offerings include a variety of popular trivia games and familiar favorites like Texas Hold ‘Em. Check out all of our games!

Where can I play Buzztime games?

There are thousands of locations across the United States and Canada where players can enjoy Buzztime’s games. Visit our Location Finder to find a participating restaurant or bar near you!

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