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Wednesday  SciFiles05:00:00 pm 06:00:00 pm 07:00:00 pm 08:00:00 pm
Wednesday  Six05:30:00 pm 06:30:00 pm 07:30:00 pm 08:30:00 pm
Wednesday  History Trivia06:30:00 pm 07:30:00 pm 08:30:00 pm 09:30:00 pm
Wednesday  Lexitopia06:45:00 pm 07:45:00 pm 08:45:00 pm 09:45:00 pm
Daily  Lunch Time Trivia15 minute games from 11am - 2pm
Daily  CountDown30 minute games throughout the day from 2pm - 10pm
Daily  The Late Shift15 minute games from 10pm - closing

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