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With 57 percent of all adult U.S. consumers on Facebook, it’s the perfect platform to promote your restaurant’s next social media contest.

Facebook contests are a great way to enhance your restaurant’s visibility and social media engagement while giving something back to your loyal patrons and followers.

If you’ve been thinking about how to host a contest for your restaurant on your business page’s Facebook timeline, here are 10 ideas you can put into action now!

1. Tie-in your promotions with a special holiday or event:

Major holidays and events are good ways to get your fans excited about engaging with your restaurant. For instance, pose a question, such as, “Who’s ready for July 4th? Like this post for a chance to win a free appetizer.”

2. Get customer feedback while giving something away:

You can use your restaurant’s Facebook page to give something away as well as get feedback from your fans. Perhaps you have a new menu item you’ve been thinking about offering but aren’t sure how well it will sell. Post a photo of the dish on your Facebook timeline and ask your fans what they think about it. Be one of the first 20 people to comment and enjoy the new menu item free.

3. Facebook milestones announcements:

As your restaurant nears 10K Facebook fans, invite Facebook users to like your page in order to help you celebrate achieving your milestone. Then offer the ten thousandth follower a prize.

4. Quizzes:

Post pop quiz questions and invite your fans to respond for a chance to win a prize. Questions should correlate with your restaurant brand and customers’ interests.

5. Photo contests:

Add visual appeal with your Facebook promotions by asking your fans to post a photo. Invite your customers to share a photo of their favorite drink at your restaurant for a chance to win a free drink during their next visit.

6. Up the ante:

Give your fans even more reasons to get engaged with your restaurant on social media by offering them multiple chance to win for the more actions they take. For instance, if someone posts a photo on your Facebook page and also shares it on Instagram they will get two automatic contest entries instead of just one.

7. Menu naming competition:

Get your fans involved with naming your next new menu item for the honor of possibly having the most creative name featured on your menu.

8. Recipe submissions:

Many of your customers and fans love to cook. Why not invite them to submit their best recipe suggestion for the pride of having it added to your menu? This is also a way to get more fans uploading food photos and sharing them on social media.

9. Anniversary celebrations:

As your restaurant approaches its 10 year anniversary, invite your customers to share their favorite memory or event at your restaurant for a chance to win a $50 gift card toward their next visit.

 10. Make your contests whacky:

Have some fun with your Facebook timeline contests by changing things up a bit with a whacky post to gain more attention. It could be something silly like posting a photo of a bean jar and asking your fans to guess how many beans are in the jar. Those who come within 10 digits of the correct number will win a prize.

As you can see, there are a lot of creative ways to use your Facebook timeline to promote contests. The sky’s the limit, so have fun with it and test different campaigns to see what works best!
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