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Want to smarten up your social media newsfeed? Follow these 12 bar and restaurant industry professionals. From culinary inspiration to cost-cutting tips, these pros have the inside scoop – and they’re sharing it…for free. Here are the 12 names to know in the foodservice biz.

Thought Leaders and Innovators: Bar and Restaurant Industry Professionals

1. Paul Barron

Ever tune in to Foodable Network (no, not the Food Network) for the latest food industry happenings? You can thank Paul Barron for that. He’s the CEO, founder, and mastermind behind one of the most in-depth resources for bar and restaurant industry professionals.

Barron also penned The Chipotle Effect – a bestseller that dives into the evolution of the quick service industry. If you’re in the business of getting food to people fast, Barron is the one to follow. Just look for the handle @paulbarron on Twitter and Instagram, and follow the Foodable Network on Facebook.

Website: https://www.foodabletv.com/paul-barron/

2. Richard McCarthy

If you’re interested in the Slow Food movement and farm-to-table dining, then Richard McCarthy is one of the bar and restaurant industry professionals who should be on your radar. McCarthy is the executive director of Slow Food USA and a pioneer in promoting farm-fresh food.

So slow down and catch up on the latest slow food movement news by following Richard on Twitter.

Website: https://www.slowfoodusa.org

3. Danny Meyer

Danny Meyer is one of those bar and restaurant industry professionals who does it all. As the CEO and founder of Union Square Hospitality Group, Danny launched trendy NYC eateries and the wildly successful Shake Shack chain.

Danny’s “Culture of Enlightened Hospitality” paved the way for bar and restaurant industry professionals to set new standards in hiring practices and leadership. As a proud New Yorker, Danny’s Twitter feed offers a candid look at new and newsworthy spots in New York – and beyond.

Website: https://www.ushgnyc.com/team_member/danny-meyer/

Raise Your “Cool” Cuisine Factor: Trendsetting Bar and Restaurant Industry Professionals

4. Aarón Sánchez

Chef Aarón Sánchez is the name to know if you’re one of the bar and restaurant industry professionals that incorporate Mexican cuisine. His dishes are influenced by Latin culture – and range from traditional to innovative fusion.

Along with running the Mexican restaurant Johnny Sánchez in New Orleans, Aarón also co-starred and guest judged with other bar and restaurant industry professionals on the Food Network’s Chopped, Chopped Junior, and MASTERCHEF. If you’re looking to add Mexican flavors to your menu, check out his cookbooks or give him a follow on Instagram.

Website: http://chefaaronsanchez.com/about/

5. J. Kenji López-Alt

Bar and restaurant industry professionals that believe cooking is both an art and a science would enjoy taking a page from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s book…literally! The author of The Food Lab, J. Kenji explores the science behind cooking, highlighting techniques used in his own kitchen. He’s also the chief culinary consultant for Serious Eats.

Follow J. Kenji on Twitter and Instagram for cooking tips and ideas to add to your own bar or restaurant menu.

Website: http://www.kenjilopezalt.com/bio/

6. Marcus Samuelsson

Born in Ethiopia, raised in Sweden, and currently residing in New York, Chef Marcus Samuelsson brings a unique global perspective to his cuisine. Bar and restaurant industry professionals praise him for his creative, cross-cultural comfort food.

His first restaurant, Red Rooster Harlem, continues to inspire and delight bar and restaurant industry professionals around the world. Follow Marcus on Twitter for a sneak peek into his latest culinary creations (and his other passions: like soccer and traveling).

Website: http://marcussamuelsson.com/

7. Ming Tsai

For nearly 15 seasons, Chef Ming Tsai has been impressing bar and restaurant industry professionals on his celebrated PBS show, Simply Ming.

Ming also founded and managed the award-winning Blue Ginger restaurant in Wellesley, MA during its 20-year run. He’s one of the most celebrated bar and restaurant industry professionals – having earned the Ivy Award, Silver Plate Award, and “Best Chef Northeast” from The James Beard Foundation.

To see what Ming’s cooking up now, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Website: https://www.ming.com/about-1/

Learn from the Best: Business-Savvy Bar and Restaurant Industry Professionals

8. Jon Taffer

Meet the master of bar and restaurant business strategy: Jon Taffer. With over 35 years of experience, the management guru has guided bar and restaurant industry professionals into profitability.

Jon is most famous for his show, Bar Rescue, where he empowers bar and restaurant owners with research-based strategies for improvement. His Taffer Virtual Teachings gives owners tactics to build their brand and business. For updates on his TV show, teachings, and industry insights, follow him on Twitter.

Website: https://jontaffer.com/about/

9. Gordon Ramsay

You’d be forgiven for forgetting that Gordon Ramsay is a Michelin Star chef with serious business acumen. After all, he curses up a storm and berates bar and restaurant industry professionals on his show, Hell’s Kitchen.

But it’s all for a good cause: whipping chefs and struggling restaurants into shape. Gordon’s advice is free for the taking when you visit his YouTube channel. Or, follow his Twitter feed – if you dare (he’s been known to talk back to followers).

Website: https://www.gordonramsay.com/

Marketing Experts to Help You Bring in More Business

10. Aaron Allen

Feel like your marketing isn’t moving the needle? Aaron Allen is the marketing guru you need to be following. His company, Aaron Allen & Associates, consults with leading foodservice and hospitality companies around the world.

Bar and restaurant industry professionals turn to his Twitter feed for fast advice and marketing tips. Aaron offers more in-depth resources like detailed articles, blog posts, and case studies at his website.

Website: http://aaronallen.com/

11. Joel Cohen

If you’re in a marketing rut, Joel Cohen has your back. With over 35 years of restaurant marketing experience, he’s helped hundreds of bar and restaurant industry professionals launch successful promotions.

Joel has serious “street cred,” having managed marketing campaigns for Texas Steakhouse & Saloons and Landry’s Seafood House. Following his Twitter feed gives you front-row access to useful marketing tips.

Website: https://www.restaurantmarketing.com/

12. Bruce Irving

Want a bigger slice of the pie in the pizza biz? Meet Bruce Irving. Named one of the top bar and restaurant industry professionals to follow in 2018, Bruce started Smart Pizza Marketing to help others who run restaurants that revolve around pizza.

If you’d rather listen, than look at articles, tune into Bruce’s podcast: Smart Pizza Marketing Show. Follow him on Twitter for opportunities to meet him at restaurant expos.

Website: https://www.smartpizzamarketing.com/

Take a few moments to follow these bar and restaurant industry professionals on social media. It’s free advice that can pay off when you put it into practice at your biz. Good luck and happy following!
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