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Here at Buzztime, we’re always looking for the “win-win” factor. Our goal is to launch initiatives that provide value to both Buzztime players AND your business. In December, our “12 Days of Gaming” program did just that. Here’s how…

With the extra time off during the holidays, it’s no surprise that December tends to be a busier month in terms of Buzztime game time. In 2015, we saw a 13% increase in visits during December compared to previous months. To amplify this effect and inspire players get back in the game between holiday shopping and parties, we gave the gift of fun in the form of a daily email sent to Buzztime subscribers.

To keep things fresh and exciting for players, each email highlighted a different Buzztime game. From our analytics, we discovered that 44% of players typically only play Countdown or Texas Hold ‘Em. While we’re thrilled that many players have found “the one” – we wanted them to play the field, too! So every email gave a quick, fun, and friendly introduction to select games in the Buzztime gaming portfolio. We also urged players to bring their family and friends along to join in on the gaming experiences.

Here’s an example what email subscribers received on Day 1:


12 Days of Gaming Day 1 - SIX


Players responded to our fun-filled campaign with enthusiasm. As a result of our 12 Days of Gaming, 22% of players who opened came back to play Buzztime within a few days. We also received some shout outs on social media – which means our campaign really got players playing…and talking!

At Buzztime, we are constantly kicking off innovative and value-driven programs like this to drive our players into YOUR venue! From creating national competitions like Smartest Bar and Ultimate Showdown that drive in weekly business to introducing new games like Jackpot Trivia, we do it all to build up the Buzztime community – and your business.