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Buzztime - Business Bar Trivia by Buzztime

There may be certain seasons or reasons that cause a drop in beer sales at your bar or restaurant. Well, have no fear; we have some tips for you to keep your customers smiling and holding an ice cold beer.

1. Be sure to serve your beers and ciders at the correct temperature by checking and maintaining your lines and cold storage areas regularly.

2.  Serve beer and cider in the correct type of glasses because no one wants to drink their favorite beer out of a wine glass!

3.  Train your staff to be knowledgeable about the beers you have on tap so that they can quickly and effectively answer questions.

4.  Supervise your new hires to make sure that they know how to properly pour pints. This can cut down on beer wastage, not to mention that a glass filled with foam is never appealing.

5.  Display the brands and beers that you have on tap so that customers can see what options are available without having to ask the bartender.

6.  Ensure your customers know about your new beers and ciders around your bar by advertising with chalkboards, posters, and pop-up table tents.

7.  Since no one passes up free alcohol, build interest in your latest beers and ciders by offering samples in small taster glasses for free.

8.  Create fun little promotions around a “Beer/Cider of the Week” to get people excited and interested.

9.  Give suggestions to your customers on which menu items would go well with which beers. People do this with wine, so why not beer?!

10. Offer a range non-alcoholic beers so that DDs can enjoy the great taste while still being responsible!

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11.  Hope for some impulse buys by displaying attractive bottles of beers out in ice buckets on the bar counter.

12.  Organize a happy hour centered on your most popular beers and ciders with 2 for 1 deals.

13.  Offer discount meal specials to incentivize customers to order food, such as pairing an appetizer and a pitcher of beer together.

14.  Throw some live events on slow nights to increase traffic because the more people there are in the bar, the more beer that is likely to be consumed.

15.  Organize contests where customers can win a free open bar of beer and offer drink discounts for any friends they bring with them.

16.  If your bar has TVs in it, have beer and cider specials going on during big game days to encourage people to come watch at your location.

17.  Have a free beer birthday special to encourage birthday parties to come to your location since no one spends their birthday alone, this is bound to bring in a good sized group.

18.  If your bar happens to be a part of a Brewery, hold inexpensive beer tours that include samples at the end.

19.  Invite offices to hold private events or happy hours with specific beer specials at your bar so that you can ensure the business of a large group.

20.  Experiment with fun beer cocktails to mix things up a bit and give your customers something new!

We’ve provided you with some great ideas, now get out there and sell that beer!