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Buzztime - Business Bar Trivia by Buzztime

Buzztime players have spoken, err, shouted: They’re on team Spaceteam!

Since launching in late March, Spaceteam has been tried over a million times at venues like yours, making it Buzztime’s biggest game launch – ever. This multi-player game of collaborative shouting hit all the right notes with guests through the power of social gaming. Here’s what Spaceteam brought to your tables:

1) More Social Entertainment

The unique multi-player format of Spaceteam sparked social connections between family and friends as they shared a wild ride through space. In a few taps, Buzztime Tablets synchronized and turned into spaceship command centers for 2-8 players. Groups effortlessly bonded as they shouted nonsensical commands at each other and shook to avoid asteroids. It was like family game night – at your place. You were the hero, bringing everyone together for easy fun at the table.

2) More Millennials

Spaceteam took off with guests of all ages, but the game found a sweet spot with groups of millennials seeking a new way to connect. Spaceteam enhanced their night out with friendly shouting and lots of laughs, which created a party-like atmosphere that attracted even more millennials in search of a lively social scene.

Spaceteam also appealed to millennials because of its “buzz” factor. Millennials take pride in being first adopters of the latest tech and trendy entertainment. When Buzztime brought Spaceteam to its tablets, the game already had serious independent gaming street cred after winning dozens of awards and accolades.

3) More Repeat Business

Through unique games like Spaceteam, Buzztime empowers you to surprise and delight guests with social entertainment they can’t get anywhere else. We’re always launching new games and promotions to keep guests guessing – and coming into your place to see what’s new and next on Buzztime Tablets.