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A thorough social media presence is crucial for any restaurant to succeed, especially when starting out. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer brands key spaces to advertise and market their food and overall experience to most demographics nearly instantaneously.

But social media offers more incentives for the savvy restaurant owner than just marketing. One-sided marketing posts and updates have become quickly antiquated online, as social media rapidly changes and grows. Here’s how your bar or restaurant can use social media for more than just the promo of the day.

Twitter: Customer Experience

With its emphasis on short-form, Twitter has become the collective random thought harbor of the web. Users vent day to day frustrations and can interact with brands directly, with no pretext, which leads to a lot of complaints directed at your brand or being connected to you with a hashtag.

This phenomenon may seem overwhelming, but it’s actually a huge benefit for restaurants and bars. When you see dissatisfied customers on Twitter you can immediately engage them to remedy the situation. When disgruntled patrons are offered free meals and genuinely have their voices heard online, their opinion of your restaurant or bar can sway in an instant.

The effects can be magnified and widespread if this customer/Twitter user then tweets their satisfaction with the way you resolved their issue to their followers. You could be trending for great customer support before you know it!
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Facebook: Localization

Facebook is a place where communities spring up naturally. With pages and groups dedicated to certain areas, Facebook provides the perfect platform for enterprising restaurateurs to build a local following and interact with their regulars in real time.

Gone are the days where Facebook pages just contain hours of operation, menu specials, and directions. Engage the people who keep coming back to your restaurant or bar with polls, fun questions, and special promotions.

With Facebook, you can hone the personality of your brand and discover expectations of the local customers who frequent your establishment. Though not exactly marketing, this type of social media presence can pay off in spades and help you make the smartest business decisions.

Instagram: Recruiting

You read that right – with its unique social atmosphere that emphasizes informality and sleek visuals, Instagram is the perfect place to show off the benefits of working at your restaurant in an organic, less corporate manner.

Setting up a recruiting-specific Instagram account is a terrific way to reach local potential hires. With a focus on your restaurant or bar’s fun energy and unique workplace, you can reach future employees beyond the scope of a traditional “help wanted” sign. Many businesses now run Instagram accounts to attract hardworking young workers.

To complement all of your social media accounts don’t shy away from standard email marketing techniques and targeted advertisements. As you grow your social media presence, continue to invest in the hot, new platforms and apps to find new ways that social media can help your business.