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With September just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your fall marketing strategy. Luckily, the month of September is packed with many national holidays and events (from the obvious to less familiar), giving your customers plenty of good reasons to dine out and celebrate. Here’s a look at them.

The month begins with Labor Day (Sept. 2) and the preceding weekend when millions of Americans will be enjoying their last taste of summer and anticipated day off. According to a poll conducted by Harris Interactive, a leading international marketing research firm, Labor Day ranks number eight among the top 10 holidays for dining out in America.

September, in general, is also back to school time and the perfect opportunity for restaurants to draw in busy families whose hectic fall work and school schedules can make meal planning difficult. You may want to create special family meal deals to-go and enticing back-to-school specials that will appeal to working families and children.But beyond the obvious occasions like Labor Day and back to school season, September is also National Breakfast Month, National Chicken Month and National Organic Harvest Month, to name a few. That’s not to mention that September 15, alone, celebrates three national food events all in one day: National Double Cheeseburger Day, National Creme de Menthe Day and National Linguini Day!
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So get creative and enjoy all of the special occasions to help give your bar or restaurant a boost into the fall. Here’s the complete list of September holidays and events to help you get started.

September Month-Long Events: 

  • National Chicken Month
  • National Honey Month
  • National Apple Month
  • National Rice Month
  • National Papaya Month
  • California Wine Month
  • Ethnic Foods Month
  • National Cholesterol Awareness Month
  • National Ice Cream Sandwich Month
  • Food Allergy Awareness Month
  • National Organic Harvest Month
  • National Mushroom Month

Week-Long Events: 

  • Sept.1-7: National Waffle Week
  • Sept. 8-14: National Biscuit & Gravy Week

Daily Events Calendar:

1: National Cherry Popover Day
2: Labor Day, National Blueberry Popsicle Dayz
3: National Welsh Rarebit Day
4: National Macadamia Nut Day, Eat an Extra Dessert Day
5: National Cheese Pizza Day
6: National Coffee Ice Cream Day
7: National Napoleon Day
8: National Date-Nut Bread Day
9: National Steak au Poivre Day
11: National Hot Cross Bun Day
12: National Chocolate Milkshake Day
13: National Peanut Day
14: National Cream-Filled Donut Day
15: National Double Cheeseburger Day, National Linguini Day, National Creme de Menthe Day
17: National Apple Dumpling Day
19: National Butterscotch Pudding Day
20: National Rum Punch Day
21: National Pecan Cookie Day
22: National White Chocolate Day
23: National Chocolate Day
24: National Cherries Jubilee Day
25: National Crab Newberg Day
26: National Pancake Day
27: National Chocolate Milk Day,  National Corned Beef Hash Day
28: National Strawberry Cream Pie Day
29: National Mocha Day
30: National Mulled Cider Day

Use a few ideas off of this September marketing calendar as a creative way to bring in new customers!