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Every bar or restaurant owner understands how critical their employees’ performance are to their business. Just watch any episode of Restaurant Stakeout on the Food Network, and you’ll see all of the things that can go wrong inside restaurants when trouble employees act inappropriately on the job, such as stealing, drinking, or treating customers poorly when nobody is around to see them in action.

Hopefully, you aren’t among the statistics of bar and restaurant owners which have had to deal with any of these tough scenarios. But even if you have stellar employees, everyone needs some motivation, encouragement and mentorship along the way to help them continually go above and beyond to exceed your and your customers’ expectations. Here are 6 Smart Ideas to help turn your employees into ROCK STARS!

1) Get them involved in your business and let them know their opinions and ideas matter:

Employees who care about your restaurant will be only more empowered to excel in their job if given an opportunity to participate in the strategic vision of your bar or restaurant. For instance, create a “Suggestion Box” asking employees to submit their suggestions or new ideas that will foster improvements and positive change for your business. Then show that their voices are being heard by implementing those changes and recognizing the employee who came up with the idea, such as a new promotion or menu item.

2) Reward star employees for a job well done:

If an employee shows exemplary customer service or management skills, for example, reward them with promotions, bonuses or other perks to let them know that their efforts are appreciated. Even a small gesture such as recognizing an employee with a Visa gift card and honor of “Employee of the Month” will go a long way in making that individual feel appreciated for their job well done.

3) Lead by example:

As the owner or manager of your bar or restaurant, it’s your responsibility to lead by example. Conduct your business and employee management matters in the same top-notch way that you would expect your employees to act. That means being present, accountable and accessible to employees with needs, concerns or ideas to share.

4) Be transparent:

Your staff will care more about your business if you give them an inside track into how the business is doing, the good and the bad. Hold regular weekly staff meetings to discuss overall operational or management problems, sales performance, financial outlooks, etc. Get employees involved in the problems and ultimately the solutions.

5) Treat everyone equally and with equal respect:

In a National Restaurant Association article contributed by Career Builder, entitled, Keep Restaurant Employees Motivated, this point was clearly emphasized as a must-have tool for improving restaurant employees’ performance. The article states: inconsistency and favoritism can kill employee morale. Treat workers equally, and do things as promised so they know what’s expected.

6) Have some fun along the way:

Live by the philosophy of “Work Hard, Play Hard.” Your employees work hard and long hours, so it’s important to give them a break some times and an outlet to have fun at work. Consider organizing staff events or outings, “Movie night”, “Baseball night,” etc. Or close out your bar or restaurant once or twice a year for employee and friends-only events and parties.

Your employees are the lifeblood of your bar or restaurant. Treat them well and it will surely pay off for your business and your customers!
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