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Buzztime - Business Bar Trivia by Buzztime

It can sometimes be a challenge to step outside of the box and come up with new ideas to increase business and get more customers. One thing is for certain: the game has changed, and it’s time to start thinking differently about how to grow your business. After all, doing the same thing over and over again without signs of growth is not going to keep you in business very long! Try these five low cost ideas to help you get the ball rolling to more customers through your door:

1. Bartending Classes

Make the most out of quiet nights by offering bartending classes. Having a bartending class could be as simple as showing people how to properly pour a pint or teaching the steps to make a certain cocktail. The sky is the limit – get creative and brainstorm ideas with your bartenders. You could also charge a small fee to cover the costs of all the drinks – and chances are your “class” will stay afterward to enjoy a few more at full price!

2. Menu Tasting

Advertise a free menu tasting when a new item is introduced or when you re-introduce your current menu. Have small taster-size portions of your menu available on trays around the bar for a few hours and mingle with the customers to get feedback about the food, all while your bartenders keep the drinks flowing. This is a great way to introduce new customers to your menu and bar, all for the cost of a few trays of food.

3. Beer Tasting

Most of your beer drinking customers will be accustomed to their regular pint and won’t “chance” a different option. Make it easy for them to broaden their horizons by hosting a beer tasting event. Include regional and microbrew varieties, especially those served by the bottle, which will normally have a higher margin than your draft products. You might notice that some of your customers will find a new favorite after the event!
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4. TV Shows

Make the most of midweek by identifying a popular television show and create an event around it. Bring in popcorn (salty foods make people thirsty…), arrange the chairs around the tv and offer table service so customers don’t have to leave their chair. Your bar could quickly become a popular place to watch the latest hit TV shows.

5. Social Media Involvement

Get involved in social media and use these sites as an outlet to generate interest for your upcoming events, drink specials or featured menu items. Creating a Facebook page or Twitter account can enhance the experience for your customers by allowing them to easily check in and learn about new happenings at your bar. These sites are also a perfect outlet to engage with your customers. Invite them to post pictures and share the fun times they have had with friends at your establishment.

What clever ideas are you using to bring in new customers?