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Do you want to attract more customers to your bar? Of course you do! Running promotions seems like the easiest way to draw customers in, but you’re on a tight budget and a tight deadline. You can’t afford to undertake promotions that will cost a ton of time or money. That’s where these quick, easy, and low-cost promotions come in! You can implement any of these promotions right now and start seeing the benefits immediately!

TV nights.

As long as you have TVs in your bar, this is one promotion you can implement immediately at no cost. Pick a popular show that everyone is obsessed with and invite your customers in to watch it at your bar. You can even create a themed drink to go along with it.

Game nights.

Bring out your customers’ competitive sides with trivia or another game. Customers tend to stay for a long time while they’re playing games, and the longer they stay, the more they’ll buy.

Social media discounts.

Offer specials or discounts to your Facebook fans or Twitter followers. Not only will this get more people to come in to your bar, but you’ll also increasing your social media following!

Five minute happy hours.

If you’re like most bars, you probably offer happy hour specials. However, five-minute happy hours offer an element of surprise and excitement. At random intervals during the night, ring a bell and proclaim that happy hour lasts for the next five minutes. This will keep guests on their toes!

Holiday celebrations.

It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have any big holidays coming up…lesser-known holidays can be just as fun! What about Margarita Day or National Cheeseburger Day?
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Free snacks.

It might seem counterintuitive to give something away for free, but if customers know they can get free appetizers, they’ll usually end up spending far more than their share on drinks.

Use social media.

Be sure to use social media to promote your specials. It’s a cheap and quick way to reach customers. (Try to use images with your promotions to really catch your customers attention!)

Offer a cocktail or beer of the week or month.

You can even ask customers on social media for their preferences. This will help customers feel included in your bar’s decision-making process.

Name that cocktail.

If one of your bartenders creates a brand-new cocktail, have your customers name it! Hold a contest to name the mystery drink and offer a prize to the winner.

These bar promotions are great ways to attract customers when you’re on limited time and a limited budget. Implement some of them today and see if you can increase your sales!