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In a perfect world, you’d have 24/7 access to a restaurant consultant – someone giving you industry news and marketing tips all day long. In reality, you can score a lot of that information for free…if you know where to look. Check out these 24 restaurant blogs, written to help you run your business like a rock star.


These 24 restaurant blogs are geared towards helping owners and managers like you. But many restaurants write their own blogs for customers, here’s why:

  • Get Found Online: If you post 11 blogs a month, you could see a 3x increase in traffic to your website.
  • Guests Feel the Love: 60% of customers feel more positive about a business after reading their blog.

It’s easy – and affordable – to add a blog to your website using these tips for starting restaurant blogs.
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5 Restaurant Blogs Focused on Marketing

Need to improve your marketing game? Level up with these 5 blogs.

  1. AppInstitute Blog: AppInstitute makes it easy to design, launch, and run your own restaurant app. Their smart, research-based blog will make it easier to run your restaurant, too. They share marketing and customer service advice for small business owners, including restaurateurs.
  2. Restaurant Den: As a website design and online ordering service for restaurants, this company knows their stuff when it comes to attracting patrons using the latest tech. Like most restaurant blogs with a marketing focus, you can get ideas for promos and specials, too.
  3. Gourmet Marketing: This full-service marketing agency covers everything from public relations to branding for restaurants. As a bonus, they offer a learning center (which operates like a blog). There, you’ll find DIY marketing “how to” guides and best practices.
  4. Awesome Restaurant Marketing Ideas!: As the name suggests, this is one of the best restaurant blogs to help you out of a marketing rut. Created by Michael Hartzell, a guerilla marketing guru in the restaurant industry, this blog is brimming with ideas to inspire your next campaign.
  5. Restaurant Engine: If designing your restaurant’s website has you stumped, use restaurant blogs like this one to gain clarity. Restaurant Engine simplifies website design. Even if you don’t use their service, you can still reap the rewards of their web design tips and tricks from their blog.

4 Restaurant Blogs for the Latest Menu and Food Trends

Looking for some culinary inspiration? We got you covered with these tasty restaurant blogs…

  1. Uncorkd: This beverage management solution company knows their drinks. Which is why they’re one of the restaurant blogs to follow for any bar or restaurant owner. Stay on top of the latest trends for beer, wine and cocktails by visiting this blog once a week.
  2. EATER: Eater is an online source for self-proclaimed foodies. Although it’s written with diners in mind, it’s valuable in terms of restaurant blogs because you can spot emerging trends. Always read the comments section to see how customers react to new concepts at other restaurants.
  3. Lavu – Point of Sale: Wondering why this one isn’t listed under POS restaurant blogs? Because Lavu is a little different. Their blog mostly highlights food trends (with a side of promotional ideas).
  4. Fine Dining Lovers: Even if you don’t run a fine dining restaurant, this blog does a great job summarizing the hottest culinary trends.

Top 6 Restaurant Blogs for Smooth Operations and Business Management

Running a restaurant takes a lot of work. These restaurant blogs get that – and provide tips to streamline operations.

  1. Buzztime: Not trying to humble brag here, but we have a pretty great restaurant blog, too. For 3 decades, we’ve been in the restaurant biz, helping owners and managers use our entertainment, marketing, and dining technology to do business…better. Add us to your list of must-follow restaurant blogs. We update our blog at least once a week, so there’s always something fresh.
  2. The Rail: When it comes to restaurant blogs, this one is authentic and loaded with practical tips you can use right away. Reading it makes you feel like “yes, these guys really know this biz.” Even the name takes a cue from back-of-the-house lingo. See their “Rail Hacks” for sweet shortcuts you’ll wonder how you lived without…
  3. Modern Restaurant Management: Looking for a one-stop-shop for all things management? Restaurant blogs that cover multiple aspects of the industry are great for busy restaurant owners. This once covers the latest marketing, operations, and even legal trends in the restaurant world.
  4. inploi: Inploi is a leading hiring platform for the foodservice and hospitality industries. Their writers stay on top of the latest trends and talent – and regularly interview leaders in the biz. Useful and thought-provoking, inploi is one of the top restaurant blogs to follow.
  5. The Restaurant Expert: Sometimes, it pays to have an expert in your back pocket. It feels that way when you’re following the right restaurant blogs. Founded by David Scott Peters, this restaurant management software company also provides a blog with tips to help you run business smoothly.
  6. The Manager’s Office: Some restaurant blogs are specifically created to help management teams, like this one. Written by David Hayden, a hospitality industry professional, this blog covers every aspect of restaurant operations and management.

4 Restaurant Blogs that Cover the Latest Industry News and Trends

The restaurant industry is fast-paced and always changing. To stay ahead of the curve, follow these restaurant blogs…

  1. Nation’s Restaurant News: Unlike most restaurant blogs with a narrow focus, NRN covers it all. While plenty of great material is available on their website, you can subscribe to their monthly magazine for more restaurant news.
  2. Fast Casual: If you’re a franchise owner or run a fast casual concept, then this is one of the restaurant blogs to follow…ASAP. Follow the latest trends and stories, and score tips for better business practices.
  3. Open For Business: Produced by the great minds who created OpenTable, this blog caters to restaurant owners and managers. It covers everything from the hottest culinary trends to digital tech for restaurants.
  4. Restaurant Hospitality: If you enjoy articles from Nation’s Restaurant News, then you’ll love its sister publication. Dedicated to independent restaurant operators, Restaurant Hospitality is a must if you run one or two locations.

5 Restaurant Blogs to Maximize Your POS

POS Systems are at the heart of any successful restaurant operation. And no one knows that better than the people who make them. Get the most of your POS with these restaurant blogs…

  1. Wagepoint: Your staff loves payday, but it can be a headache for you. As a payroll software company, the Wagepoint blog covers all things payroll for small business owners and operators. With tax season coming up, it’s a great addition for your list of restaurant blogs.
  2. Toast POS: Looking for ways to integrate your POS system with your marketing and loyalty efforts? Toast POS has you covered. Unlike most restaurant blogs that post once or twice per week, Toast updates their blog almost daily.
  3. TouchBistro: Like their POS system, TouchBistro’s Restaurant Success Center provides the tools and knowledge restaurant owners need to succeed. If you don’t have time to read through multiple restaurant blogs, then the Touchbistro blog is for you. Filled with infographics, articles and videos, you can gain valuable insights – in minutes.
  4. Ctuit: If tracking finances leaves your head spinning, then following the right restaurant blogs could help. Ctuit designs management software for restaurants, so they know a thing or two about creating budgets and tracking expenses through a POS system.
  5. BNG Point-of-Sale: This is one of the restaurant blogs that talks about tech – in a “human” language. No geek speak. If you only use your POS system to ring up orders, this blog will show you what you’re missing with hacks and tricks for maximizing your POS.

We could keep going with dozens more awesome restaurant blogs. From ShiftNote to GatherHere, there are a seemingly endless of supply of restaurant gurus eager to share their insights.

Do you know of any great restaurant blogs we should be following? Share the link with us in the comments.

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