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You probably pay a lot of attention to your customers. They’re the reason you’re in business, so you want them to be happy. But did you know that keeping your employees happy is just as important? A great restaurant starts with your employees! Keeping them happy doesn’t just mean raising their wages (although a fair salary is definitely a step in the right direction). Treating employees well also consists of good benefits packages, offering employee training, and promoting from within.

But this doesn’t mean making employees happy always has to rely on money—simple complements, communicating openly, and motivating employees can make a big difference. A large part of treating employees well is treating them with understanding and compassion, instead of treating them like they’re robots who are simply there to do whatever you tell them.
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So what are the benefits of treating employees well? Read on to find out!

1. More productivity and loyalty.

When employees know that their company cares about them, they care about their company. Happy employees are proud of their jobs and want to make sure they do the best work possible. They work harder and they feel more invested. Also, if you typically promote from within, employees will feel that their hard work is more likely to pay off.

2. Better customer interactions.

Happy employees tend to show their mood when they interact with customers. Customers can usually tell when employees are just going through the motions, and employees who are willing to go the extra mile will definitely make a good impression.

3. Fewer sick days.

If you treat employees well, they’ll have less work-related stress, which will improve their health. A great benefits package can also help keep employees healthy.

4. Less turnover.

Unsatisfied employees don’t usually stick around long. Instead, they leave for new jobs, and you’re left scrambling for someone to fill their spots. When employees are treated well, they’re far less likely to quit, which means that you can save the time and money you would spend on hiring new employees. Promoting from within means that employees are more likely to stay on the job longer, since they know it may lead to a better position and/or salary.

5. More talented employees.

When a restaurant or bar is a great place to work, word tends to spread. If everyone knows that you treat your employees well, you’ll attract more talented employees. These talented employees will, in turn, make your restaurant an even better place to work—it’s a great cycle! Taking care of your employees by providing training will also help them become more confident, which leads to better customer interactions and less of the job insecurity that can lead to a lack of productivity.

Although there are many factors that come together to create a successful restaurant, remember that great employees are irreplaceable! By treating employees well, you’re making an investment in your restaurant and creating a great place to work.