December 10, 2012 Establishing the Best Social Media Voice for Your Bar

social media for bars

So you’ve finally become familiar with the world of social media. You’re monitoring Foursquare check-ins, interacting with Facebook fans and cell phone-tweeting with speed and accuracy that would make a high school sophomore envious.

Just as important as your technical savvy is making sure you maintain a tone consistent with that of your business. Social media is a conversation and you need to be sure you’re using the right language.

For starters, make certain to match your overall language and sentence structure to your personality and your audience. This may sound obvious, but there is sometimes a tendency to get overly ‘markety’ when using a keyboard.

If you run a small bar and most of your social media followers know you personally, speak to them online the way you would during happy hour. Use the same nicknames; make the same jokes; keep the same basic sensibility. If you’re the one writing the posts, make sure they know it’s you.

In cases where the social media writing doesn’t come from a single individual you’ll want to keep a close watch on the way your authors write.

A college bar can get away with Twitter posts full of LOLs and IDKs on Twitter, but that won’t fly if your New York strip sells for $50. And even if you do battle for Michelin stars, you should still avoid anything resembling advertising language. You may like the idea of formality with a more upscale clientele, but the result will be sterile and contrary to what social media is all about. Even the upper crust lets its hair down on social media.

Just about everybody uses social media these days, but the way they communicate is still connected to factors like age and economic status. Gauge who your message will be reaching and plan accordingly.

Social media should be thought of as a back-and-forth, not a broadcast. Before you hit “submit” make sure to ask yourself if this is something you’d say to a customer in your bar or restaurant. If the answer is ‘no,’ think about a re-write to something that sounds a little more human.

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