The Industry Buzz Recap: Customer Acquisition with Nick Fosberg (Episode 2)

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Posted March 11, 2020

Host Adam Marsden, Digital Marketing Assistant Manager at Buzztime, welcomed Nick Fosberg, President of Bar & Restaurant Success and owner of two bars in the Rockland, IL area to discuss successful customer acquisition strategies for bar and restaurant owners.


  • Introduction
  • Where to start with a marketing plan (4:40)
  • Best offers to acquire customers (9:25)
  • Best advertising channels to use (11:15)
  • Understanding the Marketing Funnel (16:00)
  • Facebook advertising (17:08)
  • Text message advertising (22:25)
  • Google advertising (24:37)
  • Organic social media and online reviews (28:15)
  • Direct mail marketing (33:45)
  • Budget needed to be successful with a marketing campaign (36:38)
  • Tracking success (40:10)
  • Best success stories of clients (42:30)
  • More about Nick (46:39)

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Mar 11, 2020

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