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Carlsbad, CA – January 2017 – NTN Buzztime, Inc. has just made accepting EMV chip cards in bars and restaurants significantly easier. For the first time ever, bars and restaurants with Buzztime’s latest interactive entertainment and menu tabletop tablet devices can now process EMV chip card payments right at the table.

This new solution from Buzztime protects restaurants and bars from being held liable by credit card companies for fraudulent charges. Venues and their patrons now can both benefit from the convenience of EMV chip card payments with equipment already at the table while also having peace of mind from the extra level of security.

“Working closely with the most trusted and popular payment processors in the bar and restaurant industry allowed us to create Buzztime’s first ever EMV-certified tabletop device while further expanding the capabilities of our versatile tablets,” noted Ram Krishnan, CEO, Buzztime. “Restaurant and bar customers can now pay the bill with their EMV chip cards on the same tabletop tablet they placed their food and drink orders on while also enjoying Buzztime’s lineup of engaging interactive entertainment. “

Buzztime developed the technology to integrate EMV capabilities into their latest menu-enabled tablets and launched at En Fuego Cantina Bar and Grille in Del Mar, Ca. Now customers have the ability to run their EMV credit cards by themselves, whenever they are ready, with the tablet that’s already at their table. Meanwhile bar and restaurant owners are benefiting from the added security of EMV transactions and the convenience of the self-pay option.

Bars and restaurants wanting Buzztime’s ability to accept EMV chip card payments at the table, offer interactive tabletop menu services to their customers, and provide patrons with fun and engaging interactive digital entertainment in their venue can contact Buzztime for additional information. Current Buzztime customers may already have all the equipment they need for EMV chip card processing and should contact their representative about upgrading or activating this functionality.