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Buzztime Marriages

A Buzztime Wedding Cake?

Brandy and her husband met playing Buzztime, they even had a wedding cake that was a Buzztime playmaker. Her reason for choosing yellow over blue? They didn’t want their guests to have blue teeth in their pictures.

Buzztime Brings People Together!

My wife Suzy and I have been married for going on 4 years and have an awesome 2-year-old son named Kris. We still regularly drive down to Fort Smith, AR to play Buzztime together. If it were not for our addiction to trivia Suzy and I would probably have never met.

Beer, Buzztime, and a Wedding.

Kristy and her husband met at a Buzztime location back in 2005 over some drinks and Buzztime. It meant so much to them that they decided to have their reception over some drinks and Playmakers!

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Creating a Buzztime Monster

Buzztime Player Susan turned her husband into a Buzztime “freak” after she dragged him out to their local Buzztime location to play trivia. Now he has been hooked for 20-plus years.

Buzztime Long-Distance Relationship

Wendy met her husband in the old Buzztime Online Trivia Rooms! They had a long-distance relationship for five years and kept playing Buzztime together.

Love at First Trivia Night?

Want to create your own happily ever after? Check out what Buzztime has to offer for your business.

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