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Buzztime - Business Bar Trivia by Buzztime

Are you hungry for more trivia? Is one night of bar trivia per week not enough to satiate your senses? Buzztime has tens of thousands of questions in its database. Pub trivia hosts and players could spend a lifetime with them! However, as the years pass, some of the questions become outdated and obscure. Events that are important one year become irrelevant many years later.

Here’s a challenge for you. Let’s go into the Musty Dusty Trivia Bin and break out some moldy oldies to test the trivia prowess of even the greatest bar trivia and pub trivia players. Quench your thirst for a new trivia challenge by trying to answer these ten tough questions. The answers are at the bottom of this blog. Resist the temptation to peek!

Let’s start with five challenging multiple-choice questions:

1 – Which hero was introduced in a series of 14th and 15th century ballads?

A. Underdog B. Robin Hood C. Beowulf D. John Bull E. William Tell

2 – Which band’s members included Chris Stein on guitar and Clem Burke on drums?

A. The Hollies B. Genesis C. The Eurythmics D. Blondie E. Dire Straits

3 – What superstar athlete received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2019?

A. Tiger Woods B. Babe Ruth C. Tom Brady D. Stephen Curry E. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

4 – What did William Gray invent in 1889?

A. ATM B. Soda Can C. Air Brake D. Payphone E. Cash Register

5 – From 1898 to 1913, he was the conductor of the Berlin State Opera:

A. Cesar Franck B. Richard Strauss C. Johannes Brahms D. Joseph Goebbels E. Maurice Ravel

How did you do? Things will now get a bit tougher. Most bar trivia and pub trivia games don’t give you multiple choices. Trivia players need to figure out the answer on their own. Here are five outdated questions guaranteed to activate your brain cells:

6 – Born in Seattle in 1921, Joe Suter became known the “Father of the ____.”

7 – Who was George McGovern’s running mate in the 1968 presidential election?

8 – “Steers & ____” is the title of a 2001 album by country music’s Brooks & Dunn.

9 – The Centers for Disease Control was founded in 1946 to help stem the spread of:

10 – The motto of the 2022 Winter Olympics was “Together for a Shared ____.”

Answers: 1-B 2-C 3-D 4-D 5-B 6 – 747 7 – Sargent Shriver 8 – Stripes 9 – Malaria 10 – Future