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Are you hungry for more trivia? Is one night of bar trivia per week not enough to satiate your senses? Buzztime has tens of thousands of questions in its database. Pub trivia hosts and players could spend a lifetime with them! However, as the years pass, some of the questions become outdated and obscure. Events that are important one year become irrelevant many years later.

Here’s a challenge: let’s go into the Musty Dusty Trivia Bin and break out some moldy oldies to test the trivia prowess of even the greatest bar trivia and pub trivia players. Quench your thirst for a new trivia challenge by trying to answer these ten tough questions. The answers are at the bottom of this blog. Resist the temptation to peek!

Let’s start with five challenging multiple-choice questions:

1 – In 1982, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon married over 4,000 people at this venue:

A. Madison Square Garden B. Hollywood Bowl C. Astrodome D. Fenway Park E. Disneyland

2 – This beret-wearing advertising character was introduced in 1961:

A. Frito Bandito B. Tony the Tiger C. Geico Gecko D. Jolly Green Giant E. Charlie Tuna

3 – A bridge spanning the Wabash River is named after this beloved comedian:

A. Bob Hope B. Rodney Dangerfield C. Red Skelton D. Stephen Hawking E. Johnny Carson

4 – What is the name of the ancient alien race in the 2012 movie “Prometheus”?

A. Prometheans B. Gonfalons C. Engineers D. Cafeteros E. Cendorites

5 – In 1954, Pamela Nelson became the first woman to appear on the cover of this publication:

A. Time B. Sports Illustrated C. Daily Racing Form D. TV Guide E. Ms.

How did you do? Things will now get a bit tougher. Most bar trivia and pub trivia games don’t give you multiple choices. Trivia players need to figure out the answer on their own. Here are five outdated questions guaranteed to activate your brain cells:

6 – What was the first name of the man who devised the Dewey Decimal System?

7 – Two Americans and one German shared the 2017 Nobel Prize in:

8 – In 1983, Wendy’s became the first quick-service chain to offer this food item:

9 – What famous news agency was founded in 1851 by a British bank clerk?

10 – What New York City landmark reopened in 1976 after over two years of restoration?

Answers: 1-A 2-E 3-C 4-C 5-B 6-Melville 7-Physics 8-Baked Potatoes 9-Reuters 10-Yankee Stadium

How did you do?

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