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Buzztime - Business Bar Trivia by Buzztime

It’s time to kick off your bar or restaurant’s best football season ever. Buzztime’s brand new Football Trivia touches down at your place on Sunday, September 10th. We’ve put together social media posts and graphics you can use to promote Football Trivia at your venue.

1) Always Tag Buzztime

Let Buzztime’s 10 million registered players know you’ve got the latest games – like Football Trivia – by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When you write your post, just use the “@” symbol and then type in “Buzztime.” You can also use hashtag #Buzztime. Our social media team is always looking for great shots to share with our 67,000+ social network, so don’t forget to tag us.

2) Social Media Posts: Announce Football Trivia

Use these posts along with the graphics provided below. Enhance your post by adding an emoji or two! Always include a “Call to Action.” That means telling your social media fanbase exactly what day and time they can play. Find your time-zone, here: buzztime.com/football-trivia. Try to use “tonight” and “tomorrow” so your venue stays on the top of their minds.

Be 1st to play Football Trivia, new from @Buzztime. (EMOJI IDEA: football)
It’s trivia that tackles the week’s big football stats + stories. Kick off is Sunday at (time based on your time zone)

Are you football’s biggest fan? (EMOJI IDEA: two hands up)
Find out! Play Football Trivia, new from #Buzztime, starting this Sunday at (time based on your time zone)

Ready for gridiron glory? (EMOJI IDEA: trophy emoji)
Challenge your crew in Football Trivia, new from @Buzztime every Sat, Sun, Mon starting THIS Sunday at (time based on your time zone)


3) Social Media Posts: Ongoing Promotion

Keep the momentum going strong. Schedule a few posts to run over the next month right now!

Showboating welcome. (EMOJI IDEA: boats)
Show off your football knowledge in Football Trivia, new from @Buzztime (day and time)

Are you football’s #1 fan? (EMOJI IDEA: hand with index finger)
Prove it! Bring your crew and play Football Trivia, new from @Buzztime every Sat, Sun, Mon at (time based on your time zone)

…and the crowd goes wild for new #Buzztime Football Trivia (EMOJI IDEA: two hands up)
Get in the game, come play with us every Sat, Sun, Mon at (time based on your time zone)

4) Show Off the Fun to Your Fan Base

When see a group of friends enjoying Football Trivia, ask if you can grab a quick photo to share on social media. Here’s an example of a caption:

Football is more fun with trivia.
Come play @Buzztime Football Trivia with us Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays at (time based on your time zone)

5) BONUS: 8 Low-Cost Promotions for Football Season

Football Trivia is just one way to draw a crowd this fall. Check out these game-changing tactics you can put into play today!