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Getting your guests to stay at your bar past just one or two drinks is the secret to boosting profits. When new customers make the choice to order a drink at your bar you’ll want to do everything right to make it an alluring place to stick around! Here is how you can turn your bar into a mainstay attraction.

Offer Daily Happy Hours:

Everyone loves a deal! Turn Happy Hour into a daily attraction. Offer two-for-one drink specials, special Happy Hour appetizer prices, and other great perks that will make your guests want to stick around and return every day.

Get the Atmosphere Right:

The atmosphere of your bar plays a big role in how long people choose to stay at your bar. Your bar should always be clean, comfortable and inviting, regardless of the concept or vibe that you want to evoke with your space. Experiment with different lighting techniques, music and décor accents to find out what works best with your customers.

Play Lively Music:

Music gets the crowd going. Avoid slow and monotonous music choices that may bore your guests. No matter what type of genre or music you play, it should lift up your customers’ spirits.

Turn Trivia Games into Live Weekly Events:

Keep your guests entertained longer with weekly Live Trivia games, powered by our gaming and entertainment platform. Turn live trivia into a fun event that your guests will look forward to, offering fun games and rewards to the winners.

Hire and Reward your Best Service Staff:

One of the biggest reasons guests leave a bar is because they are dissatisfied with the service. Strive to always serve customers promptly and with a smile. Unresponsive or rude service staff should never be acceptable in your bar. For your bartenders and servers who go above and beyond the call of duty, make it a point to empower and reward them for their great work.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild with Signature Drinks:

Make your drink menu a key attraction for your guests. Play with new infusions, craft cocktails, the presentation and fun and catchy names that your customers will ask for.

Keep the Crowds Coming In:

Keep customers flowing into your bar by hiring a street team to pass along flyers and special offers to people walking by. You never know who may come in and bring along a crowd with them. You want to always give the impression that your bar is busy, even during off-peak times.

Get Aggressive on Social Media:

Don’t ignore social media. It’s one of your most valuable marketing assets. Appoint designated staff members or a marketing team to do live tweeting from your bar and post regular photos and videos from your bar to engage your fans and followers.

Host Private Events:

Hosted special, private events are an excellent way to extend the timeframe that your customers stay at your bar. Offer your bar to private events, such as corporate events, fundraisers, wedding parties, etc.

Elicit Guest Feedback:

If you can’t figure out what makes your customers want to stay at your bar, ask them. Online survey tools and Facebook polls are easy ways to elicit feedback from your customers.

What tools or techniques have you used to keep your guests at your bar longer? We’d love to hear your ideas!
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