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In order to excel at restaurant management, consistently deliver top quality customer service by giving each party that walks through the door a reason to come back. A customer’s only point of contact is typically their waiter or waitress, but in order to provide an excellent experience, you need dependable and exemplary employees at the front and back of the house. From servers to line chefs, hiring the right people is top priority. Here’s how to guarantee an all-star lineup at your restaurant.

First turn to your standout employees to serve both as an example and point of reference for future employees. To boil down your ideal employee into tangible, concrete characteristics, make a list of qualities that your favorite or most dependable employee exudes. Focus on those qualities when hiring new employees. Furthermore, those star performers will most likely surround themselves with equally motivated people in their personal life. If you’re scrounging for reliable staff, ask them if they have any references or friends looking for work.
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Speaking of references, use the personality and professional references a candidate gives you. Don’t shirk off those phone calls simply because an interview went well. Effective restaurant management comes in following through and paying attention to details. Talking with a previous employer can immediately illuminate how well of a match a candidate is for your restaurant.

In order to hold all of your potential employees to the same standard, it’s paramount to follow a fairly standard structure in all of your interviews. If you are not part of a franchise and have no framework provided, look one up. Cater it to your needs and the reality of working at your restaurant. Don’t shy away from complicated or tricky questions – you’re looking for the best of the best.

And once you’ve structured your interviews, don’t be afraid to be selective in your processing of applicants. You can’t afford to hire someone who muttered through an answer or provided a vague response to hard-hitting questions. Taking time to properly hire the correct employees leads to fewer turnovers, fewer complaints, and more success for your restaurant.