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Peanuts and Cracker Jack aren’t enough to entice baseball fans. In order to draw in a substantial crowd night after night during baseball season, you need to craft and implement successful promotions that draw veteran fans to your bar for more than the drinks. They can get beer anywhere; winning bar promo ideas recognize that the true draw lies in the community you can foster. Get some Cheers charm with these surefire tips for baseball promos.

The first order of business is firmly deciding what demographic you want to attract to your bar. Your promotions will be completely different depending on whether you’re skewing die-hard male fans or a first-time female fan, for example. Decide what you’re lacking or needing in your bar and execute events and promotions that cater to what they’ll want.

Second, think bigger than the season – sure, the baseball season is long and full of games (and thereby, clear routes for promotions), but you can up your game and increase the effectiveness of your promotion if you can draw the baseball crowd when a game isn’t on. Host a baseball trivia night, or provide a venue for fantasy league drafts. Couple these events with discounts on your signature craft beers or famous wings, and you’ll encounter less competition from bars that aren’t playing the long game.

Bar promo ideas that center on baseball tend to either be one-off events that sizzle out and fail to draw a return crowd, or are oversaturated promos that happen too often due to the sheer amount of games. When you’re trying out your next promotion, focus on a specific day of the week. Choose a day that’s normally a slump and see if you can improve attendance. By allocating your promotion or event to one particular day of the week, you’ll create trust in your customers – they’ll always know your bar can be a second home on that night.

Finally, don’t overthink it. Yes, you can certainly be creative, but baseball is America’s pastime. It’s best enjoyed without much dressing up or pomp and circumstance. Likewise, you can keep costs of your promotion down by creating a straightforward event. Offer simple discounts on food and drinks, and start with smaller promotions first. The best promotion is one that consistently adds a few people to your bar over time. Follow these steps and you can score a grand slam and boost profits in no time.
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