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You probably set goals for your restaurant (and if you don’t, you should!), but what about your employees? Do you give them something to work towards, or do they simply show up every day, do the bare minimum, and go home? Setting goals for your employees can have tons of benefits and help your restaurant become more successful. To find out how, keep reading.

Goals keep employees focused.

Let’s say you want your servers to sell a certain number of your most profitable meal, or increase his/her daily sales by 5%. Naturally, your employee will be more engaged while working toward a goal than s/he would if s/he was simply taking orders without thinking about how to increase sales.

Goals make employees feel invested in their jobs.

Invested employees are the difference between a good restaurant and a bad one. When employees don’t feel like they “belong” at a business, they won’t work as hard as they can. Goals let employees see how their everyday actions can improve the company, which makes them feel like they can make a difference. Invested employees work harder and are more likely to go the extra mile instead of just working on autopilot.

Goals let you see your employees’ strengths.

If one of your employees is consistently meeting his/her goals, you’ll discover which areas s/he excels in. For example, if a server always meets his/her sales goals, you’ll know that s/he is a good employee to have around during your busiest shifts.
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Goals let you see your employees’ weaknesses.

On the flip side, if one of your employees is failing to meet his/her goals, you’ll be able to clearly see his/her weaknesses. This can help you find out which employees can benefit from more training or coaching.

Goals make it easier for you to decide on raises and promotions.

Goals give you an easy way to measure an employee’s performance, which comes in handy when it’s time to hand out rewards. Employees who consistently meet their goals should receive any raises you want to give our or promotions that come up.

Goals enhance communication.

Setting goals for your employees and monitoring their progress necessitates communication, which helps you stay connected. Regularly communicating with your employees lets you monitor their progress and get their feedback.

Setting goals for employees is a great way to help your bar or restaurant become more successful. Do you set goals for your employees?