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Being a bartender can be a tough job! Not only do you need to provide top-notch drinks, but you also have to serve up quality customer service. How can you be sure to provide the type of service that will make customers come back to your bar again and again? Check out the following tips.

Keep it clean.

Just because customers are drinking, don’t assume they won’t notice if things aren’t clean! In fact, a dirty bar can be a huge customer turn off. Make sure to keep the bar itself clean, and use a clean towel to wipe it down—you don’t want customers to see you wiping it off with a dirty towel. Use clean glasses (none with lipstick stains or grease smudges!) and utensils.

Keep it organized.

Just like cleanliness, organization is another thing that makes a big impression on your customers. What’s more, if you keep your drinks and mixers carefully organized, you’ll be able to find everything more quickly, which means you can serve customers faster.

Be friendly.

A smile and a friendly word can go a long way towards making customers feel welcome. Customers always remember how they’re treated, and it usually makes the difference in whether or not they come back.

Be helpful.

Each customer wants something different. Some customer know exactly what they want to order and they just want it as quickly as possible. Others want to ask your recommendations. Some customers want to have conversations, and some just want to be left alone. It’s your job to help each customer have the experience s/he wants.

Remember the regulars.

If someone comes into your bar often, make the effort to remember his/her name and order. This will make customers feel valued.
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Anticipate needs.

You can’t see into the future, but it’s your job to figure out what’s about to  happen. Will your customer need a new drink soon? Do you need to refill your supply of ice? Are you getting low on anything? Anticipating needs will make your bar run more smoothly, which will make your customers happy.

Don’t focus on tips.

Of course tips are important, but remember that you should be focusing on providing quality service and making customers happy. If you do that, the tips will take care of themselves. Customers don’t like it when a bartender is obviously begging for tips.

Card often.

It’s important to help your customers stay on the right side of the law, so don’t let anyone drink if they’re legally not allowed to.

Cut people off when necessary.

You want your customers to have a great time, but what about when they’ve had a little too much fun? Drunk and disorderly customers ruin everyone else’s night, and they may even be dangerous. It’s your responsibility to cut off customers who’ve had too much to drink…and to ensure they make it home safely. This is probably the biggest customer service you can provide!

By keeping these tips in mind, you can provide quality customer service for your bar guests—and make sure they come back often!