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You don’t need to set off fireworks to see a boom in business on Independence Day. These patriotic, festive, and easy-to-launch 4th of July promotions for bars will wow the crowds – spark up profits.

Dawn Till Dusk: 4th of July Promotions That Maximize the Day

Here’s the golden rule of 4th of July promotions: take it outside, if you can. Last year, 66% of Americans celebrated Independence Day by going to a cookout or picnic. Even if your bar doesn’t have outdoor seating, mimic the backyard BBQ vibes indoors with these 4th of July promotions.

1) Independence Day 1776 BBQ Brunch

As one of your 4th of July promotions, offer a $17.76 all-you-can-eat (and drink) brunch buffet featuring grilled delights:

  • Smokey Mary: Add fire-roasted tomatoes and a few drops of liquid smoke to the standard Blood Mary. Serve with a small flag for patriotic flair.
  • Slider Bar: Set up different fillings from pulled pork to bite-size Angus burgers, then let guests go wild with toppings.
  • Red, White, & Blue Mimosas: Offer 3 different mimosas. Make one with ruby red grapefruit juice, another with white peach juice, and the other with freshly muddled blueberries.

2) Fireworks Pre-Game Picnic

According to the National Retail Federation, nearly half of America watched 4th of July fireworks in 2017. Bring those big groups your way first, with a picnic-style dinner and 4th of July promotions.

  • Look the Part: Set out red-and-white checkered tablecloths and napkins.
  • Sweet Slices: Offer complimentary watermelon slices as guests arrive.
  • Picnic Goes Gourmet: Create a menu inspired by picnic classics: think spiked lemonade, All American BLTs made with locally sourced bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes. Use these 11 best sources for local ingredients.
  • Dinner and a Show: Offer handheld food to-go as one of your 4th of July Promotions so guests can bring your food to the fireworks.

3) The Afterglow Party

After the grand finale at the fireworks, run an afterparty complete with 4th of July promotions and can’t-miss drink specials.

  • Glow Getter: Hand out glow-in-the-dark necklaces and bracelets to guests upon arrival. Freebie 4th of July promotions always go over well…
  • Flaming Shots and Cocktails: Put on your own fireworks show as bartenders whip up a few of these 50 flaming shots and cocktails. Train your team in safety practices, first.
  • S’more, Please: Set up a complimentary s’more bar (roasting is optional). Or, offer a s’more kit for groups using fondue pots. Include chocolate plus red, white, and blue sprinkles for mallow dipping.

Serve Up Patriotic 4th of July Promotions on Your Menu

Here’s the easiest way to boost bar business on Independence Day: give menu items a patriotic name. Scientific research discovered that food or drink names that represent patriotism, family, and tradition resulted in higher sales.

4) 100% American

Show your American spirit with 4th of July promotions like a “Made in America” drink menu. Ask your distributor to source wines from across the country: from Oregon to the New York Finger Lakes region (known for Rieslings). Connect with a local craft brewery to put their beers on tap. Go micro for distilled spirits, too. Local vodka, rum, and whiskey distilleries are popping up everywhere.

5) $4 All-Day Happy Hour

Give patrons a reason to celebrate all day long with 4th of July promotions that are just $4. Include food, too. A study by the National Restaurant Association found that while 46% of bargoers are attracted by happy hour specials on drinks, 41% are looking for meal deals.

6) Catch Some Media Attention

Offer outrageous 4th of July promotions and deals like 76 cent American draft beers or sliders from 6-7pm. Send a press release to local media the week before to generate hype.

Eventful 4th of July Promotions

7) Flag Party

Watch sparks fly between patrons. Host a flag party as one of your 4th of July promotions. A twist on the classic stoplight party, guests wear red if they’re taken, blue if they’re single, and white if “it’s complicated.” You could schedule the flag party for July 3rd, to help guests find fireworks dates for the July 4th.

8) Stars vs. Stripes Bar Games Battle

Add a little friendly competition to your 4th of July promotions. Bring the action of backyard games to your bar. Divide up guests into 2 teams: stars and stripes. Hand out simple red and blue stickers to participants so they don’t forget which team they’re on. Then, let them battle it out in games like:

  • Cornhole: The iconic bean bag toss can be easily set up indoors if it rains.
  • Live Trivia: No need to hire an outside host. You can run the live trivia game yourself using handheld bar tablets for scoring.
  • KanJam: Another tossing game, this one could also be run indoors (if you have high ceilings).

9) Join Forces for a Bar Crawl

From Sacramento to Scottsdale, bars in downtown areas are collaborating on 4th of July Promotions like block parties and 4th of July bar crawls. Lead the charge and reach out to the competition. Since you came up with the idea, the crawl should start and end at your spot, of course.

Keep Their Eyes on the Prize! Contests and Giveaway

10) Star Spangled Singers

Belting out the Star-Spangled Banner in a stadium or arena. It’s a dream come true for most aspiring singers. So, make it happen…

Partner with a local minor league hockey or baseball team on 4th of July promotions at your bar: run an open mic contest. The winner gets to sing for the crowds before a game!

Hire a few local musicians to act as judges in your open mic 4th of July promotions. Require contestants to “audition” by performing any song that references America. The patriotic tunes combined with your 4th of July promotions will ensure both performers and the audience have a blast.

11) Most Patriotic Patron

The National Retail Federation also found that Americans like to wear their hearts on their sleeves…literally. While 53% of Americans already own patriotic apparel, a third plan to buy even more flag-inspired clothing for the 4th. Run a costume contest to find your most patriotic patrons. Crown a Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam to be king and queen of your 4th of July promotions.

12) Count the Stars in a Jar

Last but not least, keep patrons at the bar with a guessing game. Fill a mason jar with red, white, and blue star-shaped confetti. Guests can guess how many stars are in the jar for a chance to win a gift card. (Sorry, but someone has to count those confetti stars first…). It’s an easy way to collect email addresses on entry forms, too.

This Independence Day, show your bar’s American pride with 4th of July promotions that bring everyone together for a great time. Cheers to a successful 4th of July at your bar!