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You might think running a sports bar sounds easy. Can’t you just put a game on TV and wait for customers to come flocking in? Not so fast. Running a sports bar isn’t quite that easy—not if you want to make a profit and bring in loyal customers, that is. Read on for a few things you can do to make your sports bar successful.

Buy the best TVs.

What do you think of when you picture a sports bar? Probably a ton of televisions, all of them showing the game in crisp, clean colors. Stocking your bar with clunky, out-of-date televisions is a good way to ensure your customers never come back. If you’re going to drop some serious cash in any area, make sure it’s on your televisions. This is what will make or break your sports bar!

Make sure you have the right location.

Simply put, some locations are better than others for sports bars. You want to be in an area with plenty of sports fans, obviously. Areas near colleges tend to be great for sports bars. Think about your target audience—wherever they like to hang out is a great place for your sports bar.

Provide plenty of bar games.

It would be awesome if every game was exciting enough to grab the attention of everyone in your bar…but we all know that’s just not the case. When a game gets boring and your customers aren’t invested, it’s good to have something else for them to do. Pool, darts, and foosball are all great options to keep your customers entertained. And don’t forget about Trivia LIVE for those nights when there’s not a game. Teams can compete in categories (like sports!) and show off their superior knowledge. Even if there isn’t an awesome game going on in the sports world, you can still create an awesome game inside your bar!

Update your décor.

What teams are your customers into? Make sure your walls reflect their favorites. Obtain signed merchandise from hot players and put up as much local flavor as you can. And don’t forget to represent nearby high school and college teams.

Focus on food.

People don’t usually come to sports bars to enjoy some foie gras or champagne. Know your market and provide the food they want! Most people are at sports bars for about four hours, so you know they’re going to get hungry. Classics like burgers, wings, and nachos are always a good bet. And be sure you have plenty of beers at various price points.

Running a successful sports bar isn’t always easy, but it can be done! Keep these tips in mind if you want your sports bar to thrive.
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