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Tablets have become popular throughout numerous industries, and the food and beverage sector is no exception. To determine if your restaurant would benefit from a POS system upgrade, consider the following.

Multiple Advantages

There are a variety of reasons why tablets have become so pervasive throughout the dining industry, including:

  • No waiting: Tablet POS Systems allow customers to complete an order from anywhere – even outside the actual restaurant. This enables quick service restaurants to attend to customers quickly, reducing customer frustration and dissatisfaction.
  • Cheaper than traditional on-table POS: While a traditional on-table POS includes overhead related to installation, hardware and configuration, a wireless tablet POS System offers cost-effective simplicity.
  • Longer lifespans: Since technologies become outdated so quickly, it’s risky for restaurants to invest heavily in traditional POS Systems. On the other hand, since they can be updated at a moment’s notice, tablets offer greater long-term viability for increased ROI.
  • Enhanced efficiencies: Since they can handle multiple ordering and payment processes simultaneously, Tablet POS Systems create more seamless service. Certain systems even allow guests to order without a server, which helps restaurants cut down on labor costs.
  • Better engagement: By offering games, trivia and other forms of entertainment, tablet systems are able to convert excitement and convenience into customer loyalty.
  • Customer feedback: When it comes to taking feedback, tablets are significantly more effective than a traditional pen and paper method. With tablet POS Systems, it’s also much easier for managers to assess and analyze customer comments and criticisms.

Tablets offer a diversity of benefits for modern dining establishments, and restaurateurs are taking notice. According to recent studies, three times as many restaurants are expected to adopt table POS systems by 2018. If you’ve been considering a POS system upgrade, now is a great time to adopt tablet technology.
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