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Buzztime Turns Playtime for Guests, Into Pay Time for Venues

The power of Buzztime is the “win-win” factor: Guests have a blast playing games while bars and restaurants benefit from turbocharged check averages as Buzztime players spend $5 more per gaming session.* Despite the promise of happier guests and healthier profits, our recent study revealed that some venues were missing a key step…giving Buzztime Tablets to guests!

  • 21% said their server never offered them a device
  • 17% said they never saw the device when they were in the restaurant/bar
  • 15% said the device wasn’t on the table

On the flip side, venues that deployed one of the following three tactics to encourage tablet usage saw dramatic improvement in engagement, player registration, and guest satisfaction. The Buzztime Account Management team is currently working to ensure all Buzztime locations understand how important tablet visibility is to their success. Here are 3 tactics currently being deployed:


Tip #1: Put it All Out on the Table

Of the 3,000 bars and restaurants that carry Buzztime, the most profitable venues place Buzztime Tablets on every table – instead of leaving them in charging stations. After putting tablets on tables, these locations saw:

  • 138% increase in engagement
  • 88% increase in gameplay
  • 34% increase in registered players

Let’s zoom in on that 34% increase in registered players. Once a player registers, Buzztime sends emails, alerts, and offers designed to push them back to the venue for more fun – and more sales for the bar or restaurant. Buzztime also provides step-by-step training guides for staff so they can assist guests in registering. Registering also builds up Buzztime’s own player network which can be used for powerful, permission-based marketing.


Tip #2: The Host Handoff  

For venues who prefer to start the fun, faster, Buzztime recommends that venue host/s give each guest a tablet upon arrival. This is a smart tactic for venues with wait times over 10 minutes. That way, wait time for a table becomes game time for guests.


Tip #3: From Bartenders to Tablet Tenders

Bars are big Buzztime play zones – especially for solo patrons. Buzztime’s live, interactive games like Hold ‘Em Poker and Jackpot Trivia™ bring bar guests together for real-time competition on Buzztime Tablets and TVs. We recommend that bartenders place tablets out at the bar and show guests how to start playing. If bartenders don’t engage with guests, not only will patrons miss out – they might feel left out or not as important as other guests. Bruce S. described his disappointing experience at a Buzztime location:


“I didn’t know [the tablet] was there. I happened to look over and see one at another table. There were a couple [of tablets] at the bar with other people, but the bartender didn’t mention it.”


Tablet Psychology 101

Guests are just that…guests in a bar or restaurant. They may be hesitant to grab a Buzztime Tablet without an invitation. In a recent study, 72% of our players reported that they had to ask for a Buzztime Tablet from a server or get the device themselves. In response, Buzztime is working with venues to be more proactive with guests by getting more Buzztime Tablets into more hands! The ultimate goal is to make it comfortable, welcoming, and easy for guests to play Buzztime – so that venues are rewarded with increased guest satisfaction and profitability.


*2008 Independent Arbitron Study. Actual results may vary.